Glee Season 5: Darren Criss Doesn’t Want Kurt and Blaine to Get Engaged!
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Glee Season 5: Darren Criss Doesn’t Want Kurt and Blaine to Get Engaged!

Forget the fact that Blaine (Darren Criss) and his ex-boyfriend Kurt (Chris Colfer) have been broken up for months now. Blaine is convinced that he and Kurt are soulmates, and in Glee’s Season 4 finale, the former Warbler decided to pop the question.

But while Blaine might be totally on board with the whole thing, actor Darren Criss certainly is not! Before you get all up in arms about the lack of Klaine ‘shipping, hear him out. It’s not that Darren doesn’t want Kurt and Blaine to be together ever, it’s just that he thinks rushing to the altar might be a bit much.

In an official Glee behind-the-scenes YouTube video released on June 24, the actors were asked to reveal what they’d want to tell their characters if given the chance.

“I would sit Blaine down and say, ‘Listen, the whole Kurt thing, very admirable, I understand you want to get married, but you’re a bit young,’” Darren says, “‘so cool your jets, mate, and, yeah, you’ll be fine.’”

You hear that, Blaine? Slooooow down. We know you already bought that engagement ring, but there’s no reason to rush and pop the question quite yet. Just because gay couples are finally getting the right to get married in some states — shoutout to the recent court victories shooting down Prop 8 and DOMA that doesn’t mean that marriage is a good idea for you at this time in your life.

Glee creator Ryan Murphy once tweeted that Kurt will get married at age 21. Granted, that’s still only a few years away, but it’s a lot better than tying the knot when your man still hasn’t graduated from high school yet!

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