New The Walking Dead Season 5 Photo: Daryl Dixon All Tied Up, Beat Up
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New The Walking Dead Season 5 Photo: Daryl Dixon All Tied Up, Beat Up

Will Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) be tortured in The Walking Dead Season 5? It’s more likely Daryl Dixon fans will be tortured, since this is something AMC loves to do — see the Season 3 mid-season finale cliffhanger, when they left Daryl stuck in the Woodbury fight club pit. Now we have Daryl bound and gagged, in a new image from Season 5, posted exclusively by Entertainment Weekly.

See the photo here.

At least he’s looking up! That might not be good, though, since what (or who) is he looking at? Daryl is also looking pretty beat-up, but is that from the end of Season 4 or fresh bruises from new fights? If it's from Season 4, at least that suggests no time jump into this moment. Is this set in Terminus, during some kind of ceremony or offering? Is Mary getting ready to cook up some Dixon at her BBQ stand?

We’re not too worried about Daryl not making it out of this situation, since filming spoilers have shown him all over the place in the first few episodes, but it’s never good to see our people in peril. Besides, even if Daryl is fine — and no matter what Robert Kirkman threatens, AMC would never risk the rioting, not in Season 5 — that doesn’t mean everyone is OK. Who else might be with him, also tied up?

We’re expecting the “Dead” part of the show’s title to be in full effect this season, which only makes sense with such a cruel world, but also with such a big cast. There are many more characters at this point in the story than there were in the comics — which is great and all, but it probably won’t last.

What do you think of this new photo from Season 5? Are you worried about Daryl or more worried for the others? Will all 12 people in the train car survive Terminus, do you think, or might we lose one (or more)?

The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres in October on AMC.

Source: Entertainment Weekly