Vampire Diaries Season 5 Is the Year of the Doppelgänger Says Julie Plec — Exclusive
Vampire Diaries Season 5 Is the Year of the Doppelgänger Says Julie Plec — Exclusive
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The Vampire Diaries

Vampire Diaries Season 5 Is the Year of the Doppelgänger Says Julie Plec — Exclusive


Now that Stefan (Paul Wesley) has a doppelgänger on The Vampire Diaries, these shadow-selves are practically a dime a dozen. During the recent CBS Summer TCA All-Star event, Wetpaint Entertainment spoke with executive producers Julie Plec and Caroline Dries about why The Vampire Diaries Season 5 will be the “season of the doppelgänger.”

Wetpaint Entertainment: Let’s go through the big arcs of the season. What can we say as far as Vampire Diaries goes?

Julie Plec: College. Relationships, long-distance relationships.

Caroline Dries: I don't know what the definition of arc is, but we have cool new mythologies that we're introducing this season. So obviously, you've met Silas briefly at the end of the season, and so going into this season, we already know Elena's a doppelgänger. Katherine's a doppelganger. So we're just like, "Why do doppelgänger exist?" And so now that we realize Stefan's a doppelgänger, we kind of explore the deeper mythology of why does this weird phenomena occur. So that's pretty cool. And that has ripple effects for all of our main three characters.

JP: Basically, a doppelgänger is the zombie of another supernatural show. It's our next layer of supernatural mystery that we haven't truly explored yet. So it's a season of the doppelgänger.

Does everyone have a doppelgänger?

JP: No. The mystery of how the doppelgänger was created and why and how often they appear and for what reason is something that we actually start getting into right away. And by Episode 3, we start laying a lot of the answers to that mystery out.

What Stefan? What's happening?

JP: Well, poor Stefan has just been on the quarry floor in that safe, drowning over and over again all summer long. So he's struggling, to put it mildly, and hopefully he won't have to struggle for much longer because his loved ones will realize that he's missing. But until that happens, he's just screwed.

CD: So many seem to have a really heartbreaking story in the first episode.

JP: Yeah, it's funny, in spite of being in the bottom of the quarry floor, the Stefan storyline in episode one is really moving, and keeps alive that sense of his strong feelings for both his brother and for Elena.