The Walking Dead Season 5: Has Emily Kinney Been Seen Filming Yet?
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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Season 5: Has Emily Kinney Been Seen Filming Yet?

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The Walking Dead Season 5 is now filming in the Atlanta area, and there have been so many Beth Greene (Emily Kinney) rumors, it kind of feels like she's everywhere. And yet ... has anyone actually seen Emily Kinney on set during filming? Do we have any confirmed sightings at all? If so, where was she and with whom?

*Filming spoilers ahead*

On May 2, a fan told The Spoiling Dead Fans they were able to get photos with the cast the previous night, including Emily Kinney. That made it seem like Emily was on set for filming, which started May 5. But then she posted photos and tweets from L.A. and Dallas and New York and wherever else, and wasn't seen on set in subsequent fan posts.

However, in late May, The Spoiling Dead Fans started posting filming spoilers from Griffin, GA, where a house was being used for filming. At one point, they wrote, "A white van just pulled up to the house in Griffin. The van pulled right up to the steps of the house. Two security guards stepped out and a blonde woman in dirty looking clothes exited the van and was rushed inside. We are trying to confirm if it's [Beth] or not. More as we get it."

That was a possible Beth/TWD Sasquatch sighting, but was that ever followed with any confirmation? There was talk at the time that Daryl and Rick might be going into the house to clear it, and might connect with Beth and/or Father Gabriel. Seth Gilliam has been seen on set, dressed as a priest, and the running theory (for some fans anyway, including us) is that Gabriel is the one who "took" Beth back in Season 4. So if Seth/Gabriel has been seen in pics on set, why can't anyone lock down a location for Emily/Beth?

Emily was just in Atlanta to perform some music, and in early June she posted a flashback photo with Daryl Dixon — right after Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon) shared a flashback photo of the Season 4 pair as well. Maybe that was a hint about future Season 5 scenes, but maybe not.

Did we miss a filming update out there or is Emily still the one cast member who hasn't had solid confirmation? Maybe she's filming right now in a secure location away from fan eyes, but you'd think someone would've seen something.

The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres in October on AMC.