The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 1 Has Scope and Story of “an Entire Movie”
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The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 1 Has Scope and Story of “an Entire Movie”

Super-size it! Please?

The Powers That Be have already said The Walking Dead Season 5 will hit the ground running with lots of action and big twists. We believe it. And we’re ready! It’s not ready for us, though. Filming just started on May 5, so we’re only a month into the shoot, which will continue until November. The results won’t hit our TV screens until October.

The first thing we’ll see is S5 Episode 1, which was directed by Greg Nicotero. He also directed the Season 4 premiere, as well as several other episodes in the past seasons of TWD. The guy keeps busy, also dealing with special effects and makeup. AMC recently asked him what job is more challenging. His answer offered some cool teases on the Season 5 premiere.

“They’re different and it’s a different mind and skill set,” Greg said of directing vs. makeup effects. “With directing, you really have to step back and see the episode in its entirety. The first episode of Season 5 that I just finished directing was the most challenging in terms of the scope, the amount of work and the story we told — we literally made an entire movie within nine days. I still don’t know how I survived it. It was a true testament to every person’s ability. Dealing with makeup effects is a much more confined work area. It’s a bit more manageable, but I love them equally."

The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 1 Has Scope and Story of “an Entire Movie”
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We’ve been following some filming whispers out there and they definitely fit with Greg’s talk of scope and scale and a huge amount of story. It’s almost shocking how much they seem to have already filmed, and it’s hard to know what to believe since it’s like they’ve already told half a season’s worth of story when they are only really up to about Episode 3.

Anyway, Greg’s movie quote should be a big hint to AMC that the Season 5 premiere needs an extra hour. Make it a big two-hour “movie” premiere night! They can still keep the season to 16 episodes, just add extra time to the premiere (and maybe finale) and either push back Talking Dead that night or shorten TD to a half hour just that once, and add more TD footage online.

What do you think? Should AMC consider super-sizing the much-anticipated S5 premiere, with its big cliffhanger answers and such? Maybe they are already planning to do that … or maybe they want nothing to do with that idea because it would screw up their schedule. Either way, we’re excited for the new season to start!

The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres in October on AMC.

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