Pretty Little Liars Season 5, Episode 10 — 10 Burning Questions
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Season 5, Episode 10 — 10 Burning Questions

Holy moly! Pretty Little Liars dropped some major truth bombs in Season 5, Episode 10 ("A Dark Ali"), revealing that it was actually Alison (Sasha Pieterse) who hired Cyrus to confess to her fake-kidnapping and implying that Melissa (Torrey DeVitto) is implicitly involved. As the plot continues to unravel in Rosewood, we’re left with some burning questions. Here are our top 10...

1. Was that flashback real? Ali managed to garner our sympathies for about three minutes in this episode when she flashbacked to the time she was robbed and stabbed by Cyrus while crashing in a cold, dank basement. Then, we find out she and Cy are total besties or at least, not total enemies. She certainly didn't seem scared of him. Does this mean that Ali’s flashback was fake? Is the show allowed to do that to us?

2. What is Ali and Cyrus’ history? Whether or not the flashback is real or not, we want to know what went down between Ali and Cyrus. When Ali met up with Cyrus to pay him off for confessing to kidnap her, they both implied that they had information about their shared past that could take the other down. Did these two Bonnie and Clyde their way across America or something?

3. Does Ali have a twin? Last night’s episode certainly seemed to want us to believe that Ali is an evil mastermind, but it’s hard to reconcile the Machiavellian Vivian Darkbloom with the scared, vulnerable Ali we have seen since Ali’s return to Rosewood. Is it because they are different people? Did we see both Ali and her twin in last night’s ep?

4. Did Melissa steal the tape from Spencer? The episode also implied that Melissa was the one who stole Ali’s kidnapping story tape from Spencer’s special hiding spot, and then delivered it to Cyrus. This would mean that Melissa is working with Vivian Darkbloom. Is she? Or did Melissa give something else to someone else under the cover of darkness?

5. Can Mona be trusted? Um, are we the only ones who kind of want Mona to get re-initiated onto Team Liar? Not only is she way better at this spy stuff than they are (sorry, Spence!), but we now know her fear of Ali may be warranted. Was Mona manipulating Hanna with that faint? Is Mona really so afraid of Ali that she’s having panic attacks?

6. What is “A” planning? “A” certainly looked busy in the final moments of last night’s episode: folding multiple “A” Team outfit and a candy striper outfit. What does “A” have planned for Ali and the Liars?

7. Is Melissa the next to die? Never, ever record a video tape confession in Rosewood if you plan to survive. At this point, every resident should know that. Unfortunately, Melissa Hastings didn’t get the memo. Will she be the next to die? And what did she reveal in her video confession?

8. What is up with Mr. DiLaurentis? We still can’t get a read on Ali’s dad. His parenting vacillates between two extremes: helicopter-parenting and neglect. He hasn’t done anything to make us believe he’s involved in the “A” game, but he has to know something, right? After all, his wife and the Hastings parentals seemed to all be in on a deep, dark secret.

9. Should the Liars cut Ali lose? The episode ended with the Liars agreeing to go to Tanner with everything they know, more or less cutting Ali lose. This seems like the reasonable decision, but are the Liars somehow playing into “A”’s hand? The villain always seems to be one step ahead of them…

10. Is Ali “A”? This question is hard to shake after last night’s episode. In fact, it seems more likely than ever. But this show isn’t the type to show its hand with two episodes still left in the summer season. Is Ali “A” or is there another explanation for her behavior since she returned to Rosewood?

What burning questions do you have from Season 5, Episode 10? Sound off in the comments below!

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