Pretty Little Liars Season 5, Episode 20 Spoiler Roundup
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Season 5, Episode 20 Spoiler Roundup

Pretty Little Liars is hurtling ever closer to its Season 5 finale and we’re rounding up all of the spoilers we can about what is going down between then and now. Here’s everything we know about Season 5, Episode 20 (“Pretty Isn’t the Point”).

Jonny has an Oxford connection for Spencer. We thought that Spencer’s Oxford connection would come through Melissa, but it sounds like Jonny might know someone, too? In this sneak peek, Spencer and Jonny are talking about the possibility of Spencer living overseas. And Jonny actually tells a pretty funny story about the time he prematurely knocked himself out for a trans-Atlantic trip.

Toby sees them, and it is super awkward. Toby runs into Spencer and Jonny and, though he doesn’t automatically go into jealousy mode (which is refreshing), he is super closed off. He tells Spencer that he is on campus to pick up some stuff for Jenna at the request of his father. Spencer asks him how he’s been and if he can meet up tonight, but Toby turns her town. Spoby, no!!!

Jonny is still a jerk. As Toby walks away, Jonny mutters something in Italian. “What was that?” Toby asks. “It’s an expression. In Italian… And completely pretentious,” Jonny tells Toby. Ugh. We know Toby is being an idiot, but that doesn’t mean Jonny has to be a jerk, too. Take the high road here, man.

Spencer v. Toby. If you thought the Spoby interaction might get better elsewhere in the episode, it’s not looking good. In the promo, we see Officer Toby facing off against Spencer at what looks like a gas station."What are you even doing here?" Spencer asks. "The question is, what are you doing here?" Toby seems to be in full officer mode, investigating Jonny’s car and telling Spencer to "walk away." Oh, boy. This must be the “less than legal adventure” mentioned in the episode’s synopsis.

Mike is buying necklaces with Ali’s money. At the beginning of this sneak peek, we see Hanna and Caleb discussing Mike’s involvement in the “A” game. Hanna outlines what they know — including the fact that Mike apparently bought a necklace that reads: “I’m with you” to give to Alison. At least that’s what the Liars assume. We have a feeling there’s more to this story — and that the necklace isn’t necessarily intended for Alison.

Hanna is doing this beauty pageant...even if Caleb doesn’t support her. Hanna makes an impassioned speech about why she needs to do a beauty pageant in this sneak peek from next week’s episode. Caleb is skeptical — not only of beauty pageants in general, but of whether the competition will dredge up some of Hanna’s sketchy past in the “A” game. Hanna doesn’t care: "I'm going to do this, I have to. I have to have this money so I can get out of this town."

Caleb offers to ask his mom for a loan. As annoying as Caleb’s initial reaction to Hanna’s news that she is entering a beauty pageant may be, it’s pretty sweet that he immediately suggest he ask his mom for a loan. He doesn’t care what he has to do, he wants to help Hanna. This is why we think he will change his mind and support Hanna’s beauty pageant efforts. Also, this promo photo suggests he is part of the prep team.

Andrew is still tutoring Aria. Andrew must have the patience of an angel. As we can see from this sneak peek, he is still tutoring Aria — even though she ending up commandeering him and his car halfway through their last session. Guys, this session doesn’t seem to be going much better. But well enough for the two to hang out again later. Are these two becoming a thing?

Aria asks Andrew to spy on Mike. Well, the session isn’t going well for Aria’s academic future, but it is going well for her “A” game plotting. She asks Andrew to follow Mike to his gym and to go in to see if he’s meeting anyone there. This might seem like a crazy thing to ask of someone you barely know/agree to do for someone you barely know, but Andrew agrees. Hmm… Aria certainly does have a way of convincing people to do things. A trait Bethany Young was complaining about in that audio recording...

Mike gets really angry at Aria. Mike is totally hulking out in next week’s episode. In this sneak peek, we see him confront Aria — right in the middle of her tutoring session — about going through his things. She claims she was just doing laundry, but Mike (and we) see through that statement. Mike tells her: “I swear, you touch any of my things again, you will live to regret it.” Then, he knocks over a side table. Whoa. Would he really do something to hurt Aria? He does have a history of violence — even against the people he loves.

Mike’s connection to Mona’s death. According to the synopsis, Mike’s “increasingly suspicious behavior suggests a chilling connection to Mona’s death.” Yikes! What could it be? Whatever Aria discovers, it “makes her blood run cold.”

Aria v. Mike. We think this will all come to a head later in the episode. In the promo, we see Aria with a vial of blood in her hand. We think this may have been the item Mike is sketchily leaving in a tree in this promo shot. Also in the promo, we see Mike noticing his sister sneaking around. Are these two about to drop the truth bombs on one another? We hope so.

We will get “so many answers.” A vague promise, we know, but one straight from Cody Christian’s (Mike) Twitter handle. After a live-tweet during the last episode, he wrote: “I had such an amazing time tweeting with you guys! Stay tuned for next week's episode. So many answers. You'll love it, I promise!” And, given how involved his character is in the current storyline, we imagine he would know better than anyone. Will we finally be discovering what Mike is actually up to?

The Liars are breaking into houses. The promo shows us both Aria and Spencer breaking into Rosewood homes under the cover of darkness. We think Aria is breaking into Mona’s house, but we’re not sure what Spencer is up to.

Emily is teaching Hanna how to dance. As visible in both the promo and these promo photos, Emily is giving Hanna some serious dance lessons — and we can’t wait to see the results. Will this be more Step Up or Little Miss Sunshine? And where’s Ryan Guzman when you need him?

Hanna hires a beauty pageant consultant. Jackie Debatin will guest star in this episode as the woman Hanna hires to coach her through the beauty pageant. You can see her looking serious, but not necessarily mean in this promo photo.

Emily’s love is stronger than “A”’s fear. In the promo, we hear Hanna tell Emily: "A's just going to come after you, too." Em's response? "That's not going to stop me from helping someone I love." Aww! Has “A” threatened Hanna if she goes through with this beauty pageant? Or is Emily talking about her love of someone else?

Talia seems upset with Emily. Though Emily and Talia ended the last episode sweetly holding hands, things maybe tense again? In this promo photo, we see Talia looking confused and maybe a little hurt/angry? Could these two be overcoming (or not) another obstacle?

Catch the next episode of Pretty Little Liars Season 5 on Tuesday, February 17 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family.

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