Pretty Little Liars Season 5, Episode 3 Burning Questions: Did a Hastings Kill Mrs. D?
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Season 5, Episode 3 Burning Questions: Did a Hastings Kill Mrs. D?

This week’s episode of Pretty Little Liars dropped some major clues concerning the Hastings involvement in Mrs. DiLaurentis’ death but it left us with even more questions. Here are our top 10 most pressing questions from Season 5, Episode 3 (“Surfing the Aftershocks”)...

Did a member of the Hastings family kill Mrs. DiLaurentis? We’re not sure which family member the Hastings are protecting at this point frankly, it could be any of them but we know they know something incriminating about Mrs. D.’s death. Did one of them kill Mrs. D.? At this point, Mr. Hastings and Melissa seem a little on the nose as killers, but we’re not so sure about Mrs. Hastings, who has never liked Mrs. D. Did Veronica kill her next door neighbor in a misguided attempt to protect Spencer or Melissa?

What else does Ezra know? Ali was happy to point out to Ezra in last night’s episode that he must have more information about the “A” game. Ezra frustratingly implied that he did know more, but would only reveal it to Aria if she asked for his help. First of all: annoying much? There are lives on the line here. Second of all: what does Ezra know? Is it Ali-related? That girl has to be keeping more secrets, and it makes sense that Ezra might have discovered them.

What kind of relationship do Mr. Hastings and Ali have? Did anyone else get a weird vibe in the conversation between Mr. Hastings and Ali in last night’s episode? Sure, it could have just been the subtext that Mr. H. may be a killer, but we think it may have been more than that. Is Mr. Hastings someone else Alison has blackmailed in the past a la her connection with Aria’s dad? Do these two have a history we don’t know about?

What is up with that painting? In last night’s episode, a painting caught Ali’s eye at the local funeral home, prompting her to briefly disappear while Hanna dealt with the home’s director. This painting has been seen before both at Ezra’s mom’s art show and in Ravenswood. What does the painting mean? Is it some kind of signal for Ali? And where did she go for that brief period of time? Was she meeting with someone?

Who was Mona talking to at the end of the episode? The episode ended with Mona having a conversation with someone behind a salon screen. Though the figure was obscured, she looked like Alison or someone who looks like Alison (which, as we know, is half of Rosewood). Who was Mona talking to? Was it Ali, Ali’s twin, CeCe, or someone else altogether? This seems really important.

What changes is Hanna making? Makeover! Or, in this case, makeunder? At the end of the ep, Hanna decided to change her look to something of her choosing, an aesthetic she feels best represents her personality rather than a look chosen by Mona to emulate Ali. We can’t wait to see what this means though Hanna was looking somewhat the same in the promo for next week’s ep.

Why hasn’t Shana’s body been found yet? It seems strange for us that the discovery of Shana’s body hasn’t made more of a splash yet. Should we be worried? Considering the cops found Shana in the theater at the end of the Season 5 premiere, and more than a few days has passed since that fateful night, we don’t get how this is still a secret. Is there a chance Shana is still alive?

Why doesn’t Jason trust his father? Jason’s warning that Spencer not trust their father seemed to have a story behind it. Is there a particular reason why Jason doesn’t like his own father other than the obvious terribleness of letting Jason grow up not knowing the truth about his true parentage, then more or less refusing him a role in his life? These characters need to start giving their grand declarations some supporting evidence.

Did Mona have greater ulterior motive for making Hanna look like Ali? A lot of time was given to the fact that Hanna looks like Alison in this episode. Was this just a vehicle to explore Hanna’s confusion about her own image or is there a greater point to be made here? Hanna assumes that Mona made her over to look like Ali because she creepily missed Alison, but we’re not so sure that’s the true reason. Did Mona have another motive for having an Ali lookalike hanging out in Rosewood during Ali’s absence?

What’s with the new girl? It was easy to overlook the new girl in Rosewood what with all of the drama going down with our Liars, but don’t think we’re not side-eyeing Sydney. The swimmer just moved to Rosewood and has lots of questions for Emily. Is she really just interested in improving her backstroke or might Sydney somehow be involved in the “A” game?

What burning questions do you have from last night’s episode? Sound off in the comments below!

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