The Walking Dead Season 5: Episode 4 Will Be “Creepy,” “Cool,” Full of New “Twists”
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The Walking Dead Season 5: Episode 4 Will Be “Creepy,” “Cool,” Full of New “Twists”

The Walking Dead Season 5 started filming May 5 in the Atlanta area, and recent set photos from The Spoiling Dead Fans suggest they are currently taping around an old hospital in Newnan, GA.

Robert K. Maxfield — credited as a boom operator on The Walking Dead — has been sharing some intel, including noting on June 10 that they had begun shooting Episode 4. He’s been tweeting a few things about Season 5, which hopefully he’ll keep up, even though AMC can get sensitive about controlling information.

On May 20, he shared the group photo shown, writing, "Spent the day working with the entire cast of The Walking Dead. What a great family to make a living with." On June 3, he wrote, "Another great day on set. So far these first few episodes of Season 5 kick butt! [...] Yesterday was a long 13 1/2 hr day on set. Wish I could tell you about it. #TheWalkingDead."

The Walking Dead Season 5: Episode 4 Will Be “Creepy,” “Cool,” Full of New “Twists”
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Oh, but he has been telling fans about it, even if he hasn’t been telling much.

Just a couple of days ago, he wrote, "This Episode 504 is really full of new....twists." He added to another fan, "I so want to tell you about Beth. There's a lot to say, but....." On June 11, he wrote, "I'm whipped...another long day on set. We're shooting some cool stuff about...... Well, trust me, you're gonna be.... scared." He added, "I have to crash. I'm beat. Another big day tomorrow. Somebody is gonna pay...." He also wrote to a fan, saying "The Terminans are really disturbing...hungry...people. They need to die."

Beth? Scary? Creepy? Twists? Hungry? Someone’s gonna pay? As one commenter replied, "You sir, are a big"

We’ll have to hope he keeps teasing fans. It’s not like he’s sharing major spoilers, or he’d probably be stopped by now. Maybe The Powers That Be are fine with the tweets, since they help build excitement for the new season. We need something to chew on as we wait for October!

Any ideas on what creepy, cool stuff might be coming? He mentioned new “twists,” and showrunner Scott Gimple himself previously said the next eight episodes would be “a little more action-heavy, with a lot of big twists." What twists?! Anything connected to the sonogram?

The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres in October on AMC.

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