Pretty Little Liars Season 5, Episode 6 — 10 Burning Questions From “Run, Ali, Run”
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Season 5, Episode 6 — 10 Burning Questions From “Run, Ali, Run”

So many questions, so little answers. As Pretty Little Liars continues to drop clues about the ever-increasing number of deaths in Rosewood, we have more and more questions about how all of these crimes, and their victims, are connected. Not to mention what the heck they have to do with “A”. Here are our top 10 burning questions from Season 5, Episode 6 (“Run, Ali, Run”).

Why did Eddie Lamb give Ezra Bethany’s drawing? We’re psyched that Eddie is back, but we’re kind of confused why he’s confiding in Ezra over Spencer. Is he just trying to keep Spencer safely out of the “A” game (yeah, good luck with that!), or does he fear that Spencer’s family is somehow involved in Radley’s deep, dark secret?

Why did “A” blow up Toby’s house? Another episodes and we’re still not sure why Toby’s house was the one “A” targeted, though given Caleb’s acknowledgment that “A” never misses, we’re thinking it has more significance than just to scare off the Liars. We think this target has significance, and we think it has to do with Bethany Young given both her Radley connection and the fact that the bomb went off moments after the Rosewood P.D. made their announcement about the girl.

What is “A”’s plan for Alison? Did anyone else get shivers down their spine when Spencer pondered what fate worse than death “A” has planned for Alison? “A’s” actions in this episode were hella confusing. First, she tried to kill Alison. Then, she seemed to imply that she wouldn’t kill her as long as she stayed in Rosewood. Why does “A” want Ali in Rosewood so bad? Is she in cahoots with Mona’s Army?

How is Wilden’s murder connected? Mr. Hastings revealed where he and Melissa were the night of Mrs. DiLaurentis’ murder: having a chat by the lake. But why did they go to such great lengths to hide this? We think it might have something to do with Wilden’s murder, which not only went down at the lake, but Melissa kinda, maybe admitted to committing last season. How is this connected to everything else? Did Melissa also kill Bethany Young? Was Wilden close to figuring that out? Or was Wilden the one who killed Bethany, and Melissa killed him to keep Spencer or one of the other Liars from becoming his next victim?

Pretty Little Liars Season 5, Episode 6 — 10 Burning Questions From “Run, Ali, Run”
Credit: Eric McCandless/ABC Family    

Did more than one person kill Mrs. D.? It’s got to be difficult to both bury someone and film it at the same time, right? Unless “A” had a tripod handy, which is totally a possibility, then we think there may have been two people present at Mrs. DiLaurentis’ murder — or at least her burial.

Who was Ali talking to on the phone? Another episode, another instance of Alison having conversations with a mysterious someone who she later won’t tell the Liars about. In this episode, it was Hanna who walked in on Ali’s hurried phone convo. Though it was implied Ali was making plans with Noel Kahn to pick her up at the train station later that night, we’re not so sure that’s the case.

How worried should the Liars be about Lieutenant Tanner? Lieutenant Tanner may be the only competent cop in Rosewood (sorry, Holbrook!). She’s finally putting together the pieces about the night of Shana’s murder and the Liars’ involvement in it. But how worried should the Liars be?

How far is Mona’s Army willing to go? Mona’s Army was mostly a silent presence in last night’s episode, though we have to believe they were the ones responsible for putting that rat in Paige’s locker. The question is: what else are they responsible for? Could they have been the ones who attacked Ali in her home? Could they be working with “A”? We need to know more about this shadowy organization!

Did Alison see “A” during her attack? OK. Ali basically stared into the eyes of her attacker during last night’s episode. Sure, she was being strangled at the time, but it certainly seems like Ali should have been able to identify who it was, no? If so, why is Ali keeping quiet about who attacked her? If not, has “A” DIY-ed some sort of elaborate mask to wear under that hoodie?

How did Mrs. DiLaurentis know Bethany? And the big question of the night: how exactly were Mrs. D. and Bethany connected? Judging by the creepy drawing Bethany made, she was not a fan of Mrs. DiLaurentis, but she did know quite a lot about her. Like what she looks like whilst tending her flowers outside of her house. Was Bethany the one who attacked Ali that night? And did Mrs. D. protect her because she’s Jason’s twin?

What burning questions do you have from last night’s episode? Sound off in the comments below!

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