Pretty Little Liars Season 5, Episode 9 — 10 Burning Questions From “March of Crimes”
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Season 5, Episode 9 — 10 Burning Questions From “March of Crimes”

Oh, the burning questions! Pretty Little Liars gave us plenty to think about in last night’s Season 5, Episode 9 (“March of Crimes”). Here are the most pressing questions we have from the latest episode of the teen mystery thriller...

Why did that dude confess to Ali’s kidnapping? We have to admit: the random guy confessing to the kidnapping of Ali threw us for a loop. We’re really excited to see what direction the show takes this in plot twist, and it all comes down to one question: who hired this guy to fake-confess? Was it “A”, as part of her plan to punish Ali? Was it Mona, who is no stranger to the art of fake confessions? Or was it Alison herself, another step in her campaign to get the world to believe her lies?

Whose side is Sydney on? We’re totally on Emily’s side in this situation, but we couldn’t help but feel a twinge of sympathy for Sydney during her confession to Emily that she didn’t expect to actually like Em when she came to town to be Jenna’s friend and confidante. Whose side is Sydney really on? Is she as embroiled in Mona’s Army as PLL has led us to believe thus far, or is she just a girl swept up something she doesn’t understand?

What does Ali have on Noel? Whatever Ali has on Noel, it must be good because not only will this guy will do nearly anything for her, but he is desperate to get blackmail as insurance against her. We’re dying to know Noel’s secret, and how it does or does not tie into the “A” game. Any guesses?

Was Noel the target of the explosion in the 100th episode? Speaking of the Noelster, we’re reeling from his confession that he was in Toby’s house moments before it exploded in the 100th episode. We still haven’t figured out what the motivation behind this event was, or who the potential target may have been: Toby, Noel, Jenna, or even the house itself?

When is Tanner going to bring the cold fury of the law down on the Liars? Tanner continued to close in on the Liars in this week’s episode, this time grilling Aria on her relationship with Ezra and his relationship with Shana. How much longer until Tanner closes the net on the Liars? Has this fake-confession thrown her off her game?

Why did “A” prompt Zack? Fact: Zack is a total creeper. But why did “A” set into motion a seris of events that revealed this to the Liars? Was it a way to distract the Liars, and especially Hanna, while “A” went about her other scheming? Or did she have another reason?

How did “A” get the recording of Ali’s kidnapping story? Aaand, the other shoe has finally dropped on that recording of Ali’s kidnapping story Ali had mass-produced for the Liars’ memorization needs. “A” somehow got her hands on a copy, making us wonder if there isn’t a leak in the Liars' security. Could one of the Liars, or their loved ones, have passed the tape onto “A”?

How do we feel about a possible Byron/Ella reconciliation? OK, that Byron/Ella scene was one of the sweetest we’ve seen in a while not to mention, a successful departure from the usual At Least One Teenager In Every Scene Rule. Still, we’re not sure how we felt about a possible reconciliation between these two. Ella has to have other choices in town besides the scumbag who hits on her teenaged daughter’s friends and the man who cheated on her then had aforementioned teenaged daughter lie about it. She’s a total babe.

Has Mike Montgomery disappeared again? Should we start printing out missing posters? Please tell us this isn’t the beginning of another season-long absence. We know he’s not any good at making tissue paper flowers, but couldn’t he have at least manned the tape dispenser or something?

Is Noel the worst criminal ever? Seriously, Kahn! Sitting with the windows down on a warm Rosewood night to listen to the incriminating blackmail evidence you have of one of the scariest teenagers in town? Hasn’t this kid ever heard of headphones? Or, you know, rolling up the windows? And don’t even get us started on his Casper the Friendly Ghost act. He’s just lucky Spencer didn’t spear first and ask questions later.

What burning questions do you have from the latest episode of PLL? Sound off in the comments below!

Catch the next episode of Pretty Little Liars on August 12, 2014 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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