Pretty Little Liars Season 5, Episode 9 Synopsis: Hanna Hits Rock Bottom in “March of Crimes”
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Season 5, Episode 9 Synopsis: Hanna Hits Rock Bottom in “March of Crimes”

Hanna is spiraling out of control this season on Pretty Little Liars — and she’s bringing Caleb along for the ride. The synopsis for Season 5, Episode 9 (“March of Crimes”) reveals that “Hanna continues down her boozy path, with the help of Caleb, and her friends can no longer stand by and watch Hanna self-destruct.”

Is it finally time for an intervention with the Liars? It sure sounds like it! However, it looks like drunk Hanna is also a very observant Hanna, as “Aria starts to take note of Zach and wonders if Hanna – while drunk – was telling her the truth.” Hold up. Is the Muffin Man being sketchy? We wonder what Hanna saw Ella’s fiance doing — is it possible he’s been working for “A” the entire time? Or did Hanna catch him in another act? Now that would be pretty tragic. We want someone in Rosewood to have a happy ending!

“Meanwhile, Emily tries to find information linking Alison to Noel and Spencer makes a surprising discovery at the eye doctor.” Is this “surprising discovery” going to be in the same vein as Hanna’s trip to the dentist because we don’t know if we can handle seeing the Liars pull a message from “A” out of Spencer’s eye.

In other news, we’re happy someone is finally investigating the connection between Noel Kahn and Ali. Noel knows way too much about Ali — and probably “A” — to let him slip by. We just wonder if this connection is somehow blood related…

How do you think Noel and Ali are connected? Sound off with your theory in the comments!

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