The Walking Dead Season 5: First Episode Is Finished Filming
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The Walking Dead Season 5: First Episode Is Finished Filming

One down, 15 to go! The Walking Dead Season 5 started filming on Monday, May 5 and — according to Chandler Riggs (Carl Grimes) — they finished the first episode on Thursday, May 15.

Chandler shared the news Friday, May 16 during an chat. A fan asked, “How many episodes for season 5 have you already filmed? and he answered, “just 1, we start 2 today.” Later, he was also asked, "When are you going to finish filming the first episode of season five?‎" and he answered, "we finished yesterday." He added that, during the chat, he was in his trailer, along with his dad. His dad is the one who recently tweeted that the first two episodes of Season 5 will “blow your pants off”. We’ll see! Only five more months to wait.

While talking to fans, Chandler responded to other TWD-related Qs, like, “Does Beth die?!?” His answer: "i hope not." (So he’s no help on that one.) Another fan asked, “Who's more serious on set andrew or norman?” He answered, “andy” — so Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) takes another win over Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus). Someone asked if Chandler could share a photo of himself in Carl clothes, but Chandler replied, “sorry we keep getting yelled at cuz norman keeps taking pictures on set lol.” Ah, but we love when Norman shares set photos!

The Walking Dead Season 5: First Episode Is Finished Filming
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Read more from Chandler here. Some of his fans are out there. Just saying.

Chandler has had issues with fake accounts in the past, but he’s tweeted from his verified Twitter account to his Instagram account; and last month he shared an Instagram pic showcasing his page, saying "check out my, where you can ask me questions easier, and ill be able to see them a lot easier!" So these answers seem to be legit.

Each episode is said to take about eight (working) days to shoot. Last year, Season 4 started filming on May 6, and on May 16 Scott Gimple tweeted that they had wrapped Season 4, Episode 1. So starting Season 5 on May 5 and ending on May 15 sounds about right.

We’ve been assuming the first pic that AMC shared — of Rick peeking out of the Terminus train car — was from the premiere, since they shared an Ep 1 photo right about now last year, too. If Chandler said they just finished the first ep then that assumption is probably pretty safe, as opposed to thinking they were filming episodes out of order.

Check out more Season 5 filming intel/rumors here. It all sounds great so far!

The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres in October on AMC.