The Walking Dead Season 5 Filming Spoilers: Eugene Needs Help?
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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Season 5 Filming Spoilers: Eugene Needs Help?

Save The Mullet, save the world?

The Walking Dead Season 5 is now filming in Georgia, and on Friday, June 20 there was a lot of activity on set, involving several different characters. One potentially interesting scene involved Eugene Porter (Josh McDermitt), who is not known to be a great warrior.

As The Spoiling Dead Fans posted: “A scene was being filmed involving Eugene. He was running/limping and yelling ‘help me’ as 3 walkers chased him. This was shot multiple times.”

Limping, eh? (The new Dale?) It may or may not be worth noting that they were shooting around an Easy Shop that had its name and sign changed for the day to read “Texas BBQ.” Eugene, Abraham Ford (Michael Cudlitz), and Rosita Espinosa (Christian Serratos) came to Georgia from Texas, on the way to getting Eugene to Washington, D.C. so he could connect with other scientists. We’ve been expecting to go deeper into this trio’s backstory in Season 5, since they didn’t get a lot of character time in Season 4.

They shoot several scenes on any given day, and it’s possible there was a small flashback scene to Texas to give a little background on the D.C. trio, while they also shot in “real time” with Maggie, Glenn, Sasha and others. Or maybe it’s just Texas BBQ for another reason.

The Walking Dead Season 5 Filming Spoilers: Eugene Needs Help?
Credit: Gene Page/AMC    

*Comic book spoilers ahead*

One thing we are curious to see in Season 5 is if AMC sticks with Eugene’s comic book story, which would show him being revealed as a fraud. He was not a scientist with answers on the outbreak, he’s just a science teacher.

In the comic books, Eugene has a big confrontation with Abraham right as they get to the D.C. area. But they don’t kick him out of the group or anything. That actually happens after The Hunters/cannibal section of the comic book story, and after they meet Father Gabriel Stokes, whom we’re also expecting to see in S5. Abraham confronts Eugene in Issue 67, which is right before they meet a recruiter for the Alexandria Safe-Zone, and that huge segment of the story starts.

It may be too soon for that confrontation to be filmed in Season 5, since they should only be up to about Episode 5 at this point, and they may save Alexandria (if we ever go there this season) for the second half. But we’ll see.

*End of comic book spoilers*

Eugene seems to live through his little zombie experience, whenever and however it happens. TSDF posted that Josh/Eugene and others were back on set in Griffin, GA on Monday, June 23.

Are you looking forward to seeing more of Eugene’s story, along with his D.C. trio, or are you more concerned with the other characters?

The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres in October on AMC.

Source: The Spoiling Dead Fans