The Walking Dead Season 5 Filming Spoilers: Church Bus Crash? (PHOTO)
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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Season 5 Filming Spoilers: Church Bus Crash? (PHOTO)

The Walking Dead may have a come to Jesus moment in Season 5.

Not only was new series regular Seth Gilliam spotted on set dressed as a priest (Father Gabriel, we presume), you may have also noticed the stained-glass windows inside the creepy memorial room in Terminus. Andrew J. West (Gareth) and producer Denise Huth even called that candle room "the church." (See video below.)

Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) also seems to be kneeling in the light from a stained-glass window in the first Season 5 poster AMC shared. (See pic shown above.)

And now we have a bus marked "church bus" — and it apparently flips over at some point during the shooting of Episode ... 5?

Here's the photo and scoop from The Spoiling Dead Fans:

Later, they shared a photo of the road, with skid marks. "The bus has been removed but you can clearly see the tire marks on the road from the crash. Also yelling can be heard towards the train tracks but you can't make out what is being said. Walkers are also in the woods."

Not the train tracks again! (Someone go find that guy who told Carol and Tyreese that Terminus would be a safe place to take the kids. He’s probably dead by now, but kill him again.)

There are always walkers in the woods and there's always yelling, but what's up with the bus? Who was in it? Did anyone die? Why can't a bus ever safely reach its destination on this show? Is the church bus related to Terminus or Father Gabriel? Neither? Is Gabriel connected to Terminus? Is Beth involved? (We’re always trying to find ways to add Beth to the story even if no one can ever figure out where the heck she is.) In the comic books, Rick and company took refuge for a short period at Gabriel's church.

TSDF wasn’t sure which characters/actors might’ve been filming, but they had said it was reportedly the same group who were shooting previously — Glenn, Abraham, Eugene, Maggie and Tara. But they were working to get more info on who was there. The other day, you may recall a bunch of actors/characters were seen on set.

Any theories on the bus crash, or will you just tuck it into the back of your mind as a clue that may make sense later?

The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres in October on AMC.

Source: The Spoiling Dead Fans