The Walking Dead Season 5: Lauren Cohan Reveals Filming Start Date, What’s Ahead For Maggie
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The Walking Dead Season 5: Lauren Cohan Reveals Filming Start Date, What’s Ahead For Maggie

There are only three new episodes left to The Walking Dead Season 4, and we’re itching to see which character (if any) won’t make it to Season 5. Robert Kirkman, Scott Gimple, and the Powers That Be haven’t confirmed that another death is on the way, but based on past seasons we think it’s safe to assume some heartbreak is in our future.

Lauren Cohan (Maggie Greene) chatted with the folks over at Entertainment Weekly Radio last week and talked about Hershel Greene’s (Scott Wilson) death and death on TWD in general. When asked if she thinks about her character dying at the start of each season, Lauren said, “Maybe the thought goes through my mind, but I can’t entertain it, I just think about this moment.”

And while the deaths are tough (with Hershel’s demise leading the pack), Lauren knows they do serve a larger purpose and push the story forward. “It’s nice because...any death that happens definitely leads to greater story. The death of Hershel has been the saddest death for me...but it’s going to now propel so much huge story. It doesn’t change the fact that it absolutely sucks, but it does propel so much story,” she points out. “I think when I’m totally done on this show I’ll be able to understand it all, but right now I don’t totally understand how we process it all.”

As an added bonus, Lauren also spilled when she’s due back on the Atlanta set of the show...if her character survives, that is! “If I go to the next season of The Walking Dead then I will be going back in mid-April,” she dished, at which point the hosts jokingly asked her if she had any April plans. “The first half of April is a vacation, and then we’ll see what happens in the second half,” she said with a laugh. Seeing as how the cast hasn’t been on set since November 2013, we’d say we’re envious of their lengthy vacation.

Do you expect to see Maggie in Season 5? Tell us your thoughts and theories below!

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Source: Entertainment Weekly Radio