The Walking Dead Season 5 Filming Starts! Norman Reedus Tweets on “Day 1″
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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Season 5 Filming Starts! Norman Reedus Tweets on “Day 1″

Today’s the day of reckoning, Termites! The Walking Dead Season 5 officially started filming today — Monday, May 5 — over yonder in Georgia. That means, as we speak, Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and company are plotting their way out of that Terminus train car.

The cast and crew had been arriving in the Atlanta area for the past couple of weeks, and it sounds like everyone is now on set, including the actors/characters not yet at Terminus. (Showrunner Scott Gimple had a rough time getting to Atlanta this morning, and documented his trouble, but he finally landed with enough time to make it to work.)

“Archer” Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) is one of the characters stuck in that train car, and Norman posted an Instagram pic earlier today, apparently in honor of S5 filming. “Let's do this! Day 1.” The photo doesn’t seem to have a TWD connection, it’s a compilation of other pics, but it’s still cool. We know Norman and the other actors are excited to be back in action, since they too are curious what will happen next for Team Post-Prison.

We know some new people will be showing up this season, including a one-legged character named Burton, and whoever Seth Gilliam is playing. (A TV remix of Father Gabriel Stokes … or someone else?)

The Spoiling Dead Fans is doing a good job of updating fans about stuff happening on set, and on May 5 the site noted, "Guards, lightnin and stalwart films trucks are at the terminus location today. Along with trailers and 'extras parking' signs at the studio in Senoia." Good!

Season 5, like the past two seasons, is meant to have 16 episodes, and they’ll probably continue shooting from May until late November. No premiere date has been announced for Season 5, but we’re sticking with that Sunday, October 12 guess until told otherwise. It will be October, that much AMC has revealed, and the show will probably continue to air until late March, like past seasons, with a break again from December-February.

Here’s to another great season!

Source: Norman on Instagram