Castle Season 5 Finale: Rick Confronts Beckett About D.C. Job Interview!
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Castle Season 5 Finale: Rick Confronts Beckett About D.C. Job Interview!

Tamala Jones has warned us to have tissues handy for the Castle Season 5 finale, while TVLine cautioned that Caskett ‘shippers will have a “very strong reaction” to the season ender. If we’re being perfectly honest, things aren’t looking great for the 12th precinct's most beloved couple. And a new clip from tonight’s finale — courtesy of Yahoo TV — isn’t exactly inspiring confidence either.

In the clip, Castle is confused and angry when he finds Beckett’s boarding pass from her jaunt to D.C. When confronted with the evidence, Beckett is forced to admit that she flew to the nation’s capitol for a job interview, an admission that shakes Castle to the core.

Beckett may have questioned their relationship in the past, but now it’s Castle’s turn. “You’re damn right I’m upset,” Castle sternly tells Beckett. And even though Beckett makes a valiant attempt to explain herself, Castle isn’t exactly in the mood to listen. “The point is, you knew what this could mean and it didn’t occur to you to include me. Or worse, it did occur to you and you chose not to.”

Yikes! Predictably, the clip ends with Castle storming out. Do you think this is the end of Caskett as we know it? Weigh in below!

Source: Yahoo TV

05.13.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Samantha Leffler
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