Glee Season 5 Finale: “Something Big Happens,” Season 6 Is the “Aftermath”
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Glee Season 5 Finale: “Something Big Happens,” Season 6 Is the “Aftermath”

Saying “something big happens” in a season finale isn’t much of a tease, but when the show in question is Glee and that phrase left creator Ryan Murphy’s mouth, it has the potential to be a serious game-changer. Season 5 has already been loaded with big changes — Finn’s (Cory Monteith) death chief amongst them — and we’re not sure we can take another major event so soon.

Regardless of what we think, however, it’s important to note that not only does Ryan and his creative team have the tail end of Season 5 planned out, but they’ve got Season 6 nailed down as well. Season 5 will be a bit shorter than usual with 20 episodes instead of the standard 22, but Ryan is already trying to figure out how we can make those remaining two hours up.

Ryan chatted with TVLine and a couple of other outlets about what’s to come for the FOX dramedy, paying special attention to the remaining episodes of Season 5. “Because we have fewer characters now, we have more time to tell [other couples'] stories. For example, you’ve seen a lot more of the Kurt and Blaine relationship, and we’re heading towards what’s going to happen to them. They pretty much have had trouble every episode. We’re also going to be dealing with the Sam and Mercedes relationship.”

We’re psyched for more Klaine and Samcedes, but what Ryan said next has us more than a little worried.

“All of these things are building to a head in [the finale]. I would say ‘explosion’ is too harsh of a word, but something big happens, and the final season is the aftermath of that,” he concluded.

Oy! Where do we even start with a tease like that?! Props to Ryan for taking it down from “explosion,” but we’re still scared. We may be reading a little too much into it, but his tease for the finale makes us think that something decided not good happens. Words like “explosion,” “something big” and “aftermath” could have a negative connotation, but hopefully we’re wrong.

What could be so big in the Glee Season 5 finale that Season 6 — the show’s final run — will be spent dealing with the aftermath? Feel free to start speculating in the comments below!

Glee Season 5 airs Tuesday nights on FOX at 8 p.m. ET.

Source: TVLine