Vampire Diaries Season 5 Finale Spoilers: Damon Becomes the Hero
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The Vampire Diaries

Vampire Diaries Season 5 Finale Spoilers: Damon Becomes the Hero

It sounds like Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder) might finally be getting some of the redemption that has so noticeably evaded him thus far in Season 5. What did executive producer Julie Plec tell E! Online about the Vampire Diaries Season 5 finale?

"There's quite a lot of suffering and celebration in the last two episodes," Julie teased. "Because of Markos's efforts to make the town of Mystic Falls a magic-free zone and the imminent destruction of the Other Side, lots of lives are in jeopardy and Damon has to, as he says, 'strap on his hero hair.'"

First of all, this plot development will be worth it alone for use of the phrase “strap on his hero hair.” Second of all, it’s possibilities extend much farther than that. It’s no secret we’ve been disappointed in the direction Damon’s character arc has taken in Season 5 (read: downward spiral) — not necessarily because it has had a healthy pinch of poor morality to it, but because it felt unearned after seasons of Damon’s steady emotional growth. Hopefully, this heroic turn will not only give Damon’s character back a certain likeability that has been flickering in recent episodes, but will feel a natural progression of Damon.

We’re also intrigued by Julie’s mention of both suffering and celebration. Who will be doing the celebrating in the final two episode? Is she just talking about the Travelers and the seeming success of their plan? Or are we all putting our party hats on for Jeremy’s high school graduation? Yeah, that doesn’t seem super likely to us, either — this kid barely goes to high school. Whatever it is, the fang gang could do with a little celebration the way things have been going lately (or, you know, ever). Especially if they are about to lose the Other Side forever.

How do you feel about Damon’s alleged return to heroism? Who do you think will be celebrating come the Season 5 finale? Share your theories in the comments below!

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