Castle Season 5 Finale: Will Kate Beckett Say Yes?
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Castle Season 5 Finale: Will Kate Beckett Say Yes?

If you’re like us, you are still fangirling over Castle's Season 5 finale, "Watershed." At the beginning of a triple homicide, our favorite homicide detective Kate Beckett is offered a position with the FBI. The snag? The job is in D.C., which puts our girl Kate in a sticky situation: Does she take the job of a lifetime sacrificing her love life, or does she put the job aside for the hope of something more?

Feeling completely conflicted, Beckett hides the offer from everyone, including Castle, who ultimately finds out. The episode continues on an emotional roller coaster until finally Castle and Becks meet at the very same swings where their relationship began. Before we know it, Castle is on his knees with a ring in his hand asking Kate to marry him and then the camera fades to black.

This is the moment that every Castle fan in the universe has been waiting for, but the bigger question is, will Beckett say yes?

It’s really a tough call, but we totally believe that she will. First, Beckett consults in Lanie about her confliction — and it basically seems that Kate’s number one issue is not that she really wants the job, but that she’s not sure where her relationship with Castle is going. This is further supported by Beckett’s speech in the latter half of the episode where she compares the interrogation room that she’s been working out of since day one as “her home.” From the looks of things, Becks isn’t about to let anyone come into her home and tear it apart, which means to us, this girl isn’t going anywhere.

Furthermore, as Beckett leaves, she tells Ryan and Espo that there’s something she has to tell Castle first before she tells them and we can only conclude that she realized she couldn’t part with her city — or him.

Throughout the entire episode, we saw Kate come alive during the case when both she and Castle were on the same page when developing the motives and potential suspects. She definitely tried to suppress it, and Ryan and Epso caught on. If Kate left, she’d have to start from square one, without her beloved partner. Honestly — who wouldn’t want to work with Rick, right guys?

As far as we’re concerned, Kate got the validation about her relationship with Castle that she was waiting on and we can’t wait to see these two become partners in crime and marriage!

Do you think Kate will say yes? Dish it in the comments!

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