Pretty Little Liars Season 5: Five Things We Want For Aria
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Season 5: Five Things We Want For Aria

Aria Montgomery (Lucy Hale) had a mega-tough end of Season 4. The Pretty Little Liars protagonist found out her boyfriend was also her stalker. It was a total bummer. This is one of the reasons we're so hoping things look up for Aria in Season 5. Here are five things we want to see for the punk rock bohemian in the upcoming season.

Time spent creating. Aria used to spend a lot of time indulging her creative side. When she wasn't going to art exhibits in Philadelphia, she was taking writing or photography classes. Sure, fighting "A" cuts into that schedule, but with such a hectic life, we think Aria needs art more than ever to work through all of the insane stuff that has happened to her, Plus, she's going to graduate high school eventually (right?), and might want to start thinking about what she wants to do with the rest of her life. We think these issues are intertwined, and we hope they get addressed in Season 5.

To get the whole truth out of Aria. This one might be a bit selfish because we want the whole truth about Aria (we still have so many unanswered questions regarding Ezra's motives and actions), but no one needs them more than Aria. She was not in the best place to hear Ezra's story when she first discovered his true "identity," but we think she may be getting there. And, whenever she is, we think it might help her work through all of the rage and hurt she justifiably has over Ezra's betrayal. Plus, it might pass the time while Ezra is recovering from his near fatal gunshot wound.

To consider not taking Ezra back. The PLL Powers That Be have said time and again that Ezria is endgame and, if the recent Ezria-themed promo is any indication, they weren't lying. Despite this seemingly inevitable fact, we hope that Aria takes the time to seriously consider the gravity of Ezra's betrayal. Not only did he lie to her for years, but he knew how old she was when he approached her at that bar. Setting aside the sketchiness of that revelation, this means that Ezra is an incredibly good liar. Will Aria ever be able to trust him again? She hope she seriously considers that question before letting the heightened emotions invoked by Ezra's gunshot wound take over.

Consistent Montgomery family time. Confession: we miss the Montgomerys. Compared to most of the other Liars' families, Aria's clan has been totally neglected. (Well, the Fields could use a bit more face time.) Sure, Ella swans back from Vienna to announce that she's engaged. Mike embarks on an ill-advised if not adorable romance with Mona. But we still don't see them nearly enough — and never in groups larger than Aria plus one. And don't even get us started on Byron. We know Chad Lowe is busy behind the camera, but we didn't catch a glimpse of him while Aria was visiting Syracuse University. Have some mercy, PLL. Perhaps in the form of an epic, Montgomery-filled wedding between Ella and her Muffin Man in Season 5?

To figure out her friendship with Alison. Ali's return to Rosewood in Season 5 doesn't just mean a new phase for that character — it is a potential new phase for all of the Liars. It is the opportunity for some serious reflection about the people they were when Ali left, the people they are now, and the people they want to be. Their respective friendships with Ali are a good measuring sticks. What will Aria and Ali's friendship look like now? Will they even have a friendship? We can't wait to find out!

What do you want for Aria in Season 5? Share your suggestions in the comments below!

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