Pretty Little Liars Season 5: Five Things We Want For Emily
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Season 5: Five Things We Want For Emily

Every season on Pretty Little Liars, Emily Fields (Shay Mitchell) seems to further flourish into a strong, confident woman who protects and respects her loved ones to an impressive degree, while expecting the same from them. With Season 5 on the horizon, we’ve been taking the time to think about what we want for our Liars. We’ve already done Hanna and Aria. Now, it’s Emily’s turn.

To sort out her love life. Emily is about the have a lot of love drama heading her way. She just broke up with her Paige for betraying her by betraying Ali. Now, Ali is coming back to town, and Emily doesn’t seem to know exactly how she feels about her. Will she get back together with Paige? Will she explore her feelings for Ali? Will she ditch them both for the hot new girl on the swim team? Will she live the single life for a while? See, Em has a lot of sorting out to do.

To figure out what she wants from her future. This is a common theme in all of our Season 5 wish lists for the Liars. As they move ever-closer to their high school graduation (probably), we can’t help but think about how much the “A” game has distracted them from making plans for the future. It’s bad enough that their mysterious villain frightens, blackmails, and injures them in the present, but for her to also screw up their life after high school is the icing on the cake. Emily’s situation is especially precarious given that her original plan — a swimming scholarship to Stanford — is now most likely out of the picture since her “A”-caused shoulder injury. We hope she figures out what her next step will be in Season 5. Especially given that, out of the Liars, she seems to be the one most stressed out about it.

To improve her relationship with her parents. Emily’s parents obviously love her, but they got super controlling in Season 4 when Em had that prescription drug-fueled accident during a swim meet. It was very not cool. We think Em might want to spend some time explaining the finer points of the “A” game (aka her life) to them — or, you know, vaguely communicating to them in a mature, articulate way to get the heck off her back. But not so much so that her father can’t scale buildings to open windows for her in the event of an emergency.

To get in some friend time. With everything so chaotic in Emily’s love and home life, Em needs her friends more than ever. We hope the core four get some straight-up friend time this season. Maybe they could institute no-“A”-talk Fridays or something? This feeds nicely into our wish list for the 100th episode, which includes another PLL sleepover.

To take “A” down once and for all. What? We can dream. Emily really stepped it up the past few seasons in the “A”-hunting department. Someone slashes her tired on an abandoned backcountry road? She chases after them into the forest. And remember that time she single-handedly found the “A” Team workshop that may or may have not just been Toby’s place of employment? OK, not every mission can end in a win, but the point is that Emily just keeps fearlessly going on them. If anyone can take down “A,” we think it’s Em.

What do you hope to see for Emily in Season 5? Share your suggestions in the comments below!

Catch the Pretty Little Liars Season 5 premiere on Tuesday, June 10, 2014 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC Family.

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