Glee Season 5: Heather Morris’ Brittany Will Return — UPDATE!
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Glee Season 5: Heather Morris’ Brittany Will Return — UPDATE!

UPDATE:  On December 4, Glee creator Ryan Murphy announced on Twitter that Heather Morris will be returning as Brittany for Glee's 100th episode — Season 5 Episode 12, which will likely air on Tuesday, March 18, 2014. However, after that appearance, we don't expect to see her on the show... unless things change. 

UPDATE: Insert huge sigh. TV Line confirms, by way of a show insider, that there are no plans for Brittany to return this season. We'll just be over here sobbing. Don't mind us.

UPDATE: We hate to be the bearers of bad news, but it now appears that Heather Morris probably won't be making her return as Brittany during Glee Season 5. Though initial reports indicated that Heather would return sometime during the second half of Season 5 for a small appearance or two, it's now looking like that might not be the case. Her first child is due in September, and it seems like Heather prefers to spend time with her baby instead of trying to rush back to work for appearances on Glee.

On September 17, a fan asked Glee's behind-the-scene content creator if Brittany would be back at all. She replied, "Nothing is ever definite with glee but i don't believe she's coming back this season." The good news? It sounds like there's still very much a possibility that Brittany could be back for Glee's sixth (and likely final) season. Plus, we love the fact that Heather is excited about motherhood and wants to spend time with her little one. 

It's not how we would have liked for this to all work out, but we think it makes a lot of sense, given the circumstances.

Original article: It’s official: Despite multiple reports to the contrary, Heather Morris (Brittany) will indeed be back for Glee Season 5 this fall. Unfortunately, Heather will not be returning as a series regular, so her time on the show will be significantly decreased.

TV Line reports the news, confirming their earlier speculation that there is no way Glee would get rid of Brittany for good. When the loveable cheerleader headed off for early admission to MIT in Glee’s Season 4 finale, many fans feared she would be gone for good.

Glee Season 5: Heather Morris’ Brittany Will Return — UPDATE!
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However, the site offered no specific details about when Brit would be back, or how many episodes she would be in. It’s all speculation for now, but we’d say it’s safe to assume that Brittany’s involvement in the show will be about the same as that of Dianna Agron (Quinn) during this past season. She’s off at school, and will remain there for most episodes. But come holidays and random breaks, Britt’s sure to pop up again.

If we had to guess, we’d venture that Brittany might not even show up at all during the first part of Glee Season 5, which airs from September 19 to sometime in late November. After all, Heather is currently pregnant with her first child, and she won’t give birth until November.

After the November 2013 midseason finale, Glee is mixing things up by taking an extended break. The second half of Season 5 won’t begin until Spring of 2014. While that’s bad news for us, it’s good news for Heather’s chances of appearing on the show. The Glee star will have plenty of time to rest up and spend some time with her little one before then!

Source: TV Line

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