The Walking Dead Season 5: Will Hershel Come Back Again?
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The Walking Dead Season 5: Will Hershel Come Back Again?

Seeing Hershel Greene (Scott Wilson) briefly during the flashback sequences in The Walking Dead Season 4 finale put a smile on our face, but does that mean we should get used to seeing our favorite rise farmer/vet in other flashback scenes in Season 5 and beyond? Not exactly.

Comic book creator and executive producer Robert Kirkman talked to about Hershel’s lasting legacy and the possibility of more Hershel flashbacks in the future.

“I always love having the potential to bring these characters back. I don’t think Hershel’s influence is done at the end of this season,” he said. “I think his influence will be felt throughout the entire run of the show because he was that important of a character and I think that this season proves that. Maybe we’ll see him again in another flashback or dream sequence. Although, I think that Scott Wilson might have cut that hair.”

Ha! RK brings up a good point. When Scott came back to the TWD set to shoot the flashback scenes several weeks after Hershel was beheaded he hadn’t yet cut his hair, but we have a feeling he might want to change up his ‘do sometime between now and whenever he might be asked to film another flashback.

And while Robert may be game for more Hershel scenes, showrunner Scott Gimple doesn’t seem as enthused.

“I don’t really see it in the immediate future,” Scott told Deadline when asked about a Season 5 return for either Hershel or The Governor (David Morrissey). “We would love to work with Scott and David again and it certainly is possible in the future, but right now that isn’t planned. It was very much about, in that episode, you know, telling Rick’s entire story in that episode, in that one episode.”

Would you like to see Hershel and The Governor in additional flashbacks in Season 5 or beyond, or do you think these characters served their purpose in the Season 4 finale and should be left alone now? Vote below!

The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres in October 2014 on AMC.

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