Vampire Diaries Season 5: How Long Before Damon Figures Out Stefan is Silas?
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The Vampire Diaries

Vampire Diaries Season 5: How Long Before Damon Figures Out Stefan is Silas?

We are SO excited for our double-dose of The Vampire Diaries this fall, with season 5 of TVD returning, and its new spin-off, The Originals airing too!

In the Vampire Diaries’ Season 4 finale, “Graduation”, we were left reeling by the revelation that Stefan is actually Silas’ doppelganger! And as if that weren’t enough of a shock, the crafty immortal then staked the broody Salvatore brother, locked him up tight in the coffin/vault meant for himself, and tossed him over a cliff into the water. YIKES.

Now that Silas is going to be walking around in Stefan’s skin, we’re wondering how long it will take the rest of the Mystic Falls vamps to uncover his ruse. TV Guide scoop masters gave us some hints, saying “... it won't be long before the group figures out that Stefan isn't really Stefan.”

The scooper added that before that happens, fans should be, “ready to witness the most awkward reunion ever when the Salvatores literally hug it out after their summer apart. You'd think that a hug from Stefan would be Damon's first clue that something is up!”

Hmm. Considering the brothers have never really been the hugging type, and that Stefan REALY isn’t happy that newly reunited couple Damon and Elena are christening every room in the Salvatore mansion, we’d expect any hug would tip his older brother off to the fact that something’s wrong.

Man, the suspense is killing us! Can it just be fall already so we can watch the Season 5 premiere?!?!?

Source: TV Guide