Glee Season 5: How Many Episodes Before the Big Hiatus? — UPDATE
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Glee Season 5: How Many Episodes Before the Big Hiatus? — UPDATE

UPDATE: Fox president Kevin Reilly confirmed on August 1 that Glee will air its first three episodes — two Beatles-themed shows and the Cory Montieth tribute — then take a break for postseason baseball coverage, and then immediately return thereafter with as many as seven straight episodes before going on an extended hiatus until the Spring of 2014. -- TV Line

Glee’s Season 5 schedule has been altered following Cory Monteith’s (Finn) death, but it remains to be seen exactly how many episodes will air before the show takes its first break.

Glee creator Ryan Murphy explains to TV Line that Glee was supposed to air four episodes before the show takes a hiatus, but now that won’t be the case. “We were supposed to be on in the fall with four episodes, and that’s just not going to happen,” Ryan says.

“So we’re going to go on the air with two episodes and right now we’re writing the third episode, which deals with Finn’s death which, you can imagine, is a very difficult episode to write,” he says. “[It] has to be done very carefully and with a lot of taste and really making sure that it’s a tribute to Cory.”

Glee Season 5: How Many Episodes Before the Big Hiatus? — UPDATE
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However, it has yet to be decided whether the Cory tribute episode will air before or after the break. “Who knows?” Ryan says. “Maybe we’ll wait to shoot that. We really have to see how everybody fees.”

“We’re going to take a long writers’ hiatus after that episode to refigure the season and continue to take care of the cast and crew and work on setting things up in Cory’s honor — scholarships, what have you — because that’s something we’re dedicated to doing,” he adds.

So we know that Glee will air two or three episodes, then take a long break. But this is where things get confusing. FOX had originally said that Glee would air the first half of Season 5 uninterrupted, before heading on an extended hiatus all the way until the Spring of 2014. So will Glee only air a few episodes this year before going off the air until next year, or will it air the entire first half of the season... just later than originally planned?

Honestly, it sounds like those particular details are still being worked out. We’ll just have to wait a bit until we can find out for sure. We admire the amount of thought and care that Ryan is putting into these decisions, and we look forward to seeing how the show chooses to pay tribute to Cory.

Source: TV Line

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