The Vampire Diaries Season 5: If Katherine Dies, How Will Stefan React?
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The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries Season 5: If Katherine Dies, How Will Stefan React?

If Katherine Pierce (Nina Dobrev) does die in The Vampire Diaries100th episode, then our first thoughts will obviously be for the hole it will leave in our own television-watching lives but, then we’ll think of Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley). Vampire dude has had a rough year what with the perpetual drowning, temporary amnesia, and epically-broken heart. How would Stefan react to Katherine’s death?

Um, guys. We’re not sure if Stefan can handle this kind of loss right now. Katherine has been one of the only people who has been able to get through to Stefan as he suffers from the PTSD incurred by all the craziness he’s recently been through. And helping her work through her own traumas has given him a purpose that he would otherwise be (even more) lost without. Separate from the romantic relationship Steferine just entered into (again) in last week’s episode, Katherine has been a constant in the entirety of Stefan’s vampire existence. She was his sire, and an incredibly important part of his life for the past 150 years in the legacy of guilt she bequested to him when he turned Ripper, in the wedge she drove between he and Damon, and in her villainy in returning to Mystic Falls.

Still, with everything that Katherine has put Stefan through, we can’t help but think that there will always be a part of him that loves her call it doppelganger destiny or something else altogether. He’s had chances to kill her over the years, and he never has. Now, she has become the closest confidante he has (she even seems to know more about his mindset and current situation than bestie Caroline). With last week’s hookup, it seemed that Stefan was finally letting his guard down again after Elena broke his heart. If Katherine dies, will he ever be able to let anyone else in? Will the innocent, guiltless boy who fell in love with Katherine as a human all those years ago die, too. Will Stefan finally lose his humanity?

As far as potentially devastating consequences, the loss of Stefan’s humanity is what’s at stake here. Stefan has struggled this season to keep his emotions turned on, despite all of the pain he is working through. Will Katherine’s death be the final straw, causing him to switch off his emotions and enter full-on Ripper mode? We’re kinda, sorta hoping not because we’ve explored Ripper Stefan before and, right now, Damon seems to have the monopoly on serial killing in the Salvatore family, but it would make narrative sense. Stefan has been sucker-punched in the heart many times this season one more blow could be the end of this character as we know him.

Do you think Stefan will lose it if Katherine dies, or do you think we’re overestimating the effect her death would have on him? Sound off in the comments below!

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