Game of Thrones Season 5: Important Nude Scene Given OK to Film
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Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones Season 5: Important Nude Scene Given OK to Film

Last week, we learned that an important Game of Thrones Season 5 scene involving a main character stripping down to her birthday suit was facing some major problems because the show was having a hard time getting permission to film the scandalous scene near the church they'd picked. Fortunately, it sounds like the problem has been resolved.

Here's the deal: Last week, TMZ learned that a key scene that involves Cersei (Lena Headey) walking naked from a church might not be allowed to film at the location the show had chosen, the Church of St. Nicholas in Dubrovnik, Croatia. Now, though, TMZ reports that Game of Thrones has finally been given permission to film the scene — as long as she never actually goes inside the church.

According to TMZ, the show's new plan is to film the beginning of the scene on a church set. The rest of it will take place on location outside the church. Sounds like a fair compromise to us!

Do you want to know why Cersei is wandering around in the nude? We've got a spoiler-ific rundown of what happens to her in the books here.

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Source: TMZ