The Walking Dead Season 5: Is Terminus Screwed? “Yes, They Are Doomed”
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The Walking Dead Season 5: Is Terminus Screwed? “Yes, They Are Doomed”

Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) did say the Termites were screwing with the wrong people, so ... you can't give that kind of line to The Ricktator, have it be the closing quote of The Walking Dead Season 4, and then expect no retribution in Season 5. The screw turns both ways.

The TWD cast is currently filming Season 5 in Georgia, and the first official photo released showed Rick peeking out of his Terminus train car. It's not clear how much time may have passed from Season 4 to Season 5, but since Rick is still wearing a heavy coat in the pic, we'll guess not too much time. Then again, they shot the finale in November and it's now May, so just for the actors's sake we hope there's a bit of a jump, at some point, so they don't have to keep wearing heavy clothes.

Last we saw him, Carl Grimes was stuck in that train car too. His actor alter ego, Chandler Riggs, continues to share with fans at and one asked him, “Is terminus screwed?” Chandler openly replied, “yes they are doomed.” No friendship bracelets.

The Walking Dead Season 5: Is Terminus Screwed? “Yes, They Are Doomed”
Credit: Gene Page/AMC    

*Filming spoilers ahead*

Based on what The Spoiling Dead Fans’s members have been sharing, it’s possible that Terminus gets screwed very early on in the season. Early filming reports at that location noted explosions and “charred bodies.” Fast breakout? Terminus origin story? Both? Neither?

They are just finishing up Episode 2 today (May 28) and there’s already been action with the Team Prison Terminus people outside prison, plus the Terminus letters were reportedly covered up or removed. Why would they do that, unless they were done with Terminus as a filming location? That doesn’t mean we’re done with all of the Termites themselves. It’s possible Gareth (Andrew J. West) sticks around, either to chase our group or in some other capacity.

*End of filming spoilers*

Back in April, about a month before filming started and before the cast was even given any scripts, Andrew Lincoln told Entertainment Weekly they were definitely going to defeat the Termites. “Oh, I don’t care what Scott Gimple has written — we’re improvising the first couple of episodes,” Andy joked to EW. “We’ve already said that those Termites — we’re just gonna kick their butts! [...] We’re gonna open up a can of whup-ass! I’m so excited. I just know it’s gonna go off! It’s so cool! I have no idea how we’re gonna get out of there, but when we do, we will rain hell upon these Termites!”

We can’t wait to see how they get it done!

The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres in October on AMC.

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