The Walking Dead Season 5: Time Jump Coming Between Episodes?
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The Walking Dead Season 5: Time Jump Coming Between Episodes?

There’s usually a bit of a time jump between seasons of The Walking Dead, but will Season 5 feature a time jump between episodes? Maybe.

Season 4 ended on a cliffhanger, with Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and company stuck in a train car at Terminus. It was apparently fall/winter during that time, since you can see everyone wearing coats. The show films from May to November but airs from October to March, so that Terminus showdown would’ve been filmed last fall in Georgia.

The first image AMC shared from Season 5 shows Rick peeking out of a Terminus car and you can see him still wearing a heavy coat. It’s possible there’s no big time jump into the first episode, but later filming spoilers suggest some time may pass.

*Filming spoilers and speculation ahead*

S5 filming started on May 5 and each episode takes around eight working days to shoot. They are around Episode 3 or maybe 4 at this point, with lots of filming done at the studio, then Terminus (with explosions and charred bodies that made us wonder if they were filming a flashback to Terminus's history), then around a home in Griffin, GA, back at the studio, and now around a hospital in Newnan, GA. The Terminus letters have now apparently been removed from that location, which suggests they are already done filming there.

The Spoiling Dead Fans has shared photos from the set, with characters like Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) seen in T-shirts as they film outside Terminus, possibly with Father Gabriel at a home in the area. The site also mentioned a car chase being filmed, and lots of activity following Team Prison peeps outside Terminus — and that was only when they were on Episode 2. So is this a few months later, in the story? Is there a time jump between Episode 1 and Episode 2? Do they escape from Terminus early on, time goes by, and Gareth (Andrew J. West) and company try to track them down? No? Yes?

The site also showed Andrew J. West sitting down for an on-set interview with Talking Dead’s Chris Hardwick on May 28, and you can see Andrew has a bit of a beard. He didn’t seem to have this much of a beard at the end of Season 4 so that would suggest maybe a time jump. That might also fit with the recent filming spoiler that an AMC show in the Atlanta area is looking for a sonogram machine. If someone is pregnant, it would probably happen once they got out of Terminus, and it would take a couple of months after that to really be aware of the pregnancy, etc.

Do you think there’s a time jump coming at some point, whether into the premiere or after it? If you think there’s any time jump, would it be weeks, months?

The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres in October on AMC.

Source: Spoiling Dead Fans