Vampire Diaries Season 5: Kat Graham Dishes on “Intimate” Relationship With Jeremy
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The Vampire Diaries

Vampire Diaries Season 5: Kat Graham Dishes on “Intimate” Relationship With Jeremy

When last we saw Bonnie Bennett on the Vampire Diaries Season 4 finale, she was at the top of the list of the dearly departed — but Kat Graham stopped by The Hollywood Reporter to let everyone know that Bonnie is far from gone.“The show starts where it left off, Kat said.

“The only person that can see her is Jeremy because he can see dead people.” You may also remember that Bonnie sacrificed herself to bring back
Jeremy Gilbert (Steven R. McQueen), so that bond is already quite strong.

"She loves her friends and family and she can't connect to them, and it creates an intimacy relying on one person as your connection to the one thing that matters the most to you," Kat revealed. "It's a really beautiful thing to see. She only has him [Jeremy] at this point."

It sounds like there will be plenty of sparks between Bonnie and Jeremy this season, even though she is on “the other side.”

Kat assures us that she doesn’t know whether or not Bonnie will be revived on the show, but she said she is just interested in how they develop the character.

"When you have to be alone because you don't have a choice, it can affect your subconscious," Kat said, "and it's going to be very interesting to see if that at all affects the character — and if she even comes back from the dead, how she will be when she returns.”

Do you want Bonnie to come back from the dead or should she stay on the "other side?" Hit the comments and sound off!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter