The Vampire Diaries Season 5: Klaus and [SPOILER] Return to Mystic Falls?!
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The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries Season 5: Klaus and [SPOILER] Return to Mystic Falls?!

In case you didn’t know, Klaus is returning to Mystic Falls in Season 5 — and he’s not alone.

While the details of Klaus’s return to The Vampire Diaries are still under wraps, a new spoiler from TVLine confirms that when the Original hybrid does return to Mystic Falls, he won’t be alone. So who does he bring with him?

We have a few theories. Rebekah and Elijah are the obvious choices — after all, each Mikaelson currently holds some sort of connection to the sleepy supernatural town. But since when have Julie Plec and Co. gone with the obvious choice? So we’re learning toward Davina, the powerful teenage witch at the center of the power struggle in New Orleans. Perhaps Klaus needs her power in Mystic Falls? Or, is she going to get a few tips from Bonnie?

Originals EP Michael Narducci told TVLine, “There are things happening on Vampire Diaries which are pretty huge. Word travels to New Orleans and Klaus — and perhaps even one other of our characters – will be curious about the events that are taking place in Mystic Falls.”

Right now, the only connection Klaus has to Mystic Falls is Caroline, and their last encounter still makes our hearts flutter — you know, when he told her he intended to be her last love, “however long it takes.” So it seems likely that Klaus will return to Mystic Falls for the blond baby vampire, especially since Tyler Lockwood recently paid Klaus a visit in New Orleans. [It didn’t end well… for Tyler.] Does this “huge” event on TVD have anything to do with Caroline?

Or does it have to do with Katherine? He spent 500 years searching for the Petrova trickster, so when news her impending death starts to spread, will it compel him to return to Mystic Falls? And in turn, will it compel Elijah to return as well? After all, he was in love with Katherine at one point.

There’s also a possibility that Klaus could be returning for TVD’s 100th episode. We know several familiar faces will return to Mystic Falls for the big event, and since the Mikaelsons were such a huge part of TVD before departing for The Originals, it would make sense that we’d see them again for the milestone episode. Plus, Candice Accola recently told ETonline that this episode is “for the fans,” so what better surprise the fans than with a Klaroline moment?

What do you think, TVD fans? Why will Klaus return to Mystic Falls? And who is coming with him? Sound off with your theories below!

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