Pretty Little Liars Season 5: Lucy Hale and Ian Harding on Ezria’s Rocky Future — Exclusive
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Pretty Little Liars Season 5: Lucy Hale and Ian Harding on Ezria’s Rocky Future — Exclusive

Ezra Fitz may have taken a bullet for the Liars in the Season 4 finale of Pretty Little Liars, but that doesn’t automatically win him a ticket back into Aria’s good graces in Season 5. If Lucy Hale and Ian Harding had their way, however, Aria and Ezra would find a way to work things out.

Wetpaint caught up with Lucy and Ian at the Pretty Little Liars 100th episode celebration on Saturday (May 31) in Los Angeles, and they dished on what to expect from Ezria this season.

It seems Aria isn’t taking the reality of Ezra’s life or death situation too well in the Season 5 premiere (“EscApe From New York”). “Right when we come back to the show you find out the fate of what happens, and I think that the poor girl has been through so much and then on top of it he gets shot,” Lucy tells us. “It’s a lot to deal with, but you immediately find out what happens, and then it’s a roller coaster from there on out.”

Ezra may have narrowly survived “A’s” bullet, but that doesn’t mean he’s safe in Rosewood. He’s found himself on “A’s” hit-list, and as any PLL fans knows, that’s an unfortunate place to be. (Amirite, Maya?)

“It’s super fun to play,” Ian told us. “The fight scene we had in the season finale. It was so much fun! So everytime something mildly dangerous is happening I’m like, ‘Yes! Yes! Give it to me!’ If I’m getting shot at through the window, wonderful, let’s do that. Listen, making out with Lucy Hale is great, but also getting shot and having fight scenes is also a lot of fun.”

But will Ezra’s honorable act redeem him in the eyes of the Liars? More importantly, will Aria forgive him for his betrayal?

“As Lucy, I want to say yes because I love them together, but this season is kind of the season of forgiveness for Aria,” Lucy said. “You can’t undo what he did. But who knows. I want to see it work out.”

Ian added: “It’s certainly put him in better graces, but [he] still lied to people for a long time, so it’s going to be an uphill climb for [him]... A lot of crappy things went down and Ezra kind of needs to pay the piper now. It’s going to be a process. It’s not going to be, ‘Oh, thanks for taking a bullet for us. I love you. We’re good.’”

Needless to say, things are going to be rocky for the couple this season. “It always is!” Ian joked. “It’s never going to be smooth, because then the show is done. Like, can you imagine Aria and Ezra completely happy? The only thing they fight about is Scrabble. Like, they’re playing Scrabble and Aria is like, ‘No! You cheated at Scrabble!’ That would be so boring!”

— Reporting by Alex Cramer.

Catch the Season 5 premiere of Pretty Little Liars on Tuesday, June 10 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC Family.

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