The Walking Dead Season 5: Mary Now Filming, Actress Teases “Great” Stuff
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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Season 5: Mary Now Filming, Actress Teases “Great” Stuff

Grab a plate, The Walking Dead fans — Mary is back at her BBQ stand!

Season 5 started filming last Monday, May 5, but it wasn't until late on Monday, May 12 that Denise Crosby — who plays Terminus's top chef, Mary — tweeted her presence: "First day back on #TheWalkingDead and it just gets better and better! oh you all are in for a great season..."

Better and better! Tell us more! And first day of how many? How long will Mary survive?

Director/producer/special effects guru Greg Nicotero recently told Zap2it viewers will find out what Mary is cooking in Season 5. So it's not like we'll never learn, we just have to wait at least until October, when the new season starts.

The running theory is that the Termites have been herding people into train cars, and feeding them powdered milk to keep them alive but then slaughtering them for food. It's a weird theory and it would seem too out there if not for The Hunters storyline of The Walking Dead comic books.

There was no Terminus in the books, but there was a group of cannibals who turned to eating people out of desperation. It looks like the Terminus people have their own interesting backstory related to all the damage you can see on the walls, and that creepy memorial room with the candles. For all we know, the cannibal thing is just a red herring. But we’re sticking with that theory.

Anyway, we know Mary is now filming. Pair that with the other early filming spoilers out there, about explosions, "torture" screams, and walkers at Terminus. This all means something to someone, even if we can't quite piece it all together yet...

The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres in October on AMC.

Source: Denise on Twitter