The Walking Dead Season 5: Expect a Lot More From Gareth — But Don’t Expect The Governor

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The Walking Dead Season 5: Expect a Lot More From Gareth — But Don’t Expect The Governor

We’ve been waiting months to meet the mysterious Gareth (Andrew J. West) on The Walking Dead Season 4, and now that he’s here we’re ready for him to leave.

He may look like a tech company wunderkind, but he’s actually a sick puppy. On the finale Episode 16, he threatened our group, stole their stuff, and forced them into a train car. (At least he gave them cool nicknames along the way. Ringleader. Archer. Samurai. The Boy. What did he call Abraham and Eugene? Pumpkin and Mullet?)

Comic book writer Robert Kirkman talked more about Gareth, and what we can expect from him in Season 5. “Gareth is definitely not another Governor, he’s a far different character with a far different path that we’re going to be going down,” RK told “I will say that he is a version of a comic book character, as Scott Gimple says he’s a remix of something we did in the comics, so there are elements of the comics that will be brought into the show through Gareth in a different way. I would expect a lot more out of that character when we come back.”

When Gareth was revealed to be joining the season in an important guest role, we guessed he could be a version of Chris, leader of The Hunters. If not Chris, maybe a new take on Father Gabriel Stokes. If not him, maybe Aaron, a recruiter for the Alexandria Safe-Zone. (Remember when we all thought “A” was for the Safe-Zone? Heh.) Some fans thought Gareth could even be an early incarnation of Negan. Now that the cards are on the table, Gareth is looking closest to Chris, but he could be a combo of several characters. Still, his group didn’t even try to kill anyone from our group. They’re keeping them alive. We heard people screaming for help. Body parts and bones on the ground. What does this tell you?

When talking about Terminus in general, RK said, “You’ll definitely have a better sense of where we’re going if you’re a diehard comic book fan because there are always certain hints that pop out to you more if you’ve read the comics, but as the comic fans know there’s never any kind of clear indication of how we’re going to adapt a story. So even if we are moving into a storyline that’s very recognizable from the comics, we could be doing it in a completely different way.” So even though there are several hints to The Hunters’ cannibal storyline from the books, you never know how they’re going to adapt it.

How long will Gareth be around, do you think? Rick is ready to rock ‘n’ roll, laughing at how sorry the Terminus people will be when they realize who they’re screwing with. Does that mean Gareth won’t last past the Season 5 premiere, or will the Terminus story, and Gareth’s role, be extended through several episodes?

The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres in October 2014 on AMC.


03.31.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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