Glee Spoiler: New Directions to Lose at Nationals? — Answer Confirmed!
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Glee Spoiler: New Directions to Lose at Nationals? — Answer Confirmed!

UPDATE: Unfortunately, it really does appear to be true. We'd had a sneaking suspicion that the New Directions would lose Nationals this year. The Hollywood Reporter says that Sue will set a high bar for the New Ds at Nationals, and that they will fail to make the mark. While this isn't crystal-clear confirmation that the glee club will lose the competition, we really have no idea what else it could mean.

Sorry, New Directions. We guess that Skylar Astin really must be one heck of a performer!

Original story (January 16): Remember when we were all blissfully looking forward to Glee’s upcoming 100th episode, happily under the assumption that the entire episode would be one big reunion-filled party? So much for that, as glee club will reportedly be disbanding for good in the episode.

Yep, feel free to grab a quick cry right about now. Because unfortunately, there’s more. With the New D’s demise happening almost directly after this year’s Nationals, we can’t help but wonder: Does this mean New Directions will lose the competition?

It’s no secret that Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch) has been doing her darndest to abolish glee club since the moment we first met her. However, every time she gets close to ending things for our lovable band of outcasts, she seems to have a change of heart at the last second.

Glee Spoiler: New Directions to Lose at Nationals? — Answer Confirmed!
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That’s why, when Sue commandeered the title of principal in Season 5 and warned Schue (Matthew Morrison) that the club had to win at Nationals this year or pack things in, we didn’t take her seriously. However, we probably should have, since the two-part 100th episode special will see the club parting ways permanently, with Schue rumored to be heading to the East Coast.

We know that New Directions will have performed at Nationals during Season 5, Episode 11: “City of Angels,” the week before the 100th episode. And although we haven’t yet heard anything official, it seems safe to say that the group does not successfully defend the title that it won in Season 3. If they were to win Nationals this year, there’s no way that the school would get rid of the club, right?

Or maybe there’s another explanation for the club having to call it quits. Perhaps they will win Nationals, but something happens during the club’s trip to L.A. that embarasses the school or gets the team in trouble. Hmm. Either way, we’re bracing ourselves for an unhappy Nationals episode this year. You might want to do the same.

Do you think New Directions is going to lose at Nationals this year?

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