The Walking Dead Season 5: What’s Next For Rick Grimes, in the Comics?
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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Season 5: What’s Next For Rick Grimes, in the Comics?

What will happen to Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) in The Walking Dead Season 5? The new season just started filming, and it will premiere on AMC in October.

The TV show tends to be a "remix" of The Walking Dead comic books, with several changes made, characters added, and detours taken. Right now, Rick and company are at Terminus, a place that does not exist in the comics. However, some fans think it might be a version of The Hunters storyline, which could fit with the Season 4-5 timeline. In the comics, Rick and company meet the Hunters after Carl almost gets raped by The Marauders (as remixed on TV in Season 4) and also after the child killer storyline (also remixed in Season 4).

So what could be next, around whatever happens at Terminus?

A couple of things from the comics didn't happen on TV, but that doesn't mean they couldn't still be to come. In the books, after meeting Abraham's group and agreeing to go with them to Washington, D.C., Rick, Carl, and Abraham head back to Rick's hometown (that's when they meet up with The Marauders) and come across Morgan Jones. At that point, Morgan re-enters the fold and heads with the group on the road to D.C. Will Morgan join the show in a similar fashion in Season 5?

The Walking Dead Season 5: What’s Next For Rick Grimes, in the Comics?
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Also, once Rick and company are back with the main group, they come across a preacher named Gabriel Stokes, who leads them to his church nearby. Dale (still alive in the books) goes missing at that point and it leads into The Hunters storyline. Dale is found dropped off in front of the church, missing his leg, which was cut for eating (although he had been bitten, so he laughed that they were eating infected meat). Rick and company meet The Hunters, a group of cannibals led by Chris. Rick's group brutally kills them.

When they get close to D.C., Rick asks to try Eugene's radio. Eugene refuses, but it leads to a struggle and the realization that the radio didn't even have batteries. Eugene reveals that he was lying about being a scientist and knowing about the outbreak. We'll have to see if the TV show follows this storyline or gives us a twist.

After that, Rick meets up with Aaron, who is a recruiter for the Alexandria Safe-Zone in Alexandria, Virginia. Aaron offers to welcome them to the Safe-Zone.

The Walking Dead Season 5: What’s Next For Rick Grimes, in the Comics?
Credit: Gene Page/AMC    

Rick remembers The Governor (on TV he may also remember Terminus...) and ties up Aaron in distrust. Eventually they decide to go with him and arrive at the Safe-Zone. Rick is first offered a place as a constable but he is eventually given control of Alexandria and takes over as the leader.

(Rick also ends up in a relationship with one of the Safe-Zone residents, so we'll have to see if Rick actually gets a love interest this season, or maybe in Season 6.)

Will any or all of that happen on TV in Season 5? If we get out of Terminus on or before the midseason finale (Episode 8) we could spend the second half on the road to D.C. and possibly arrive there around the season finale. Then again, we thought the Season 4 finale, "A," might be Alexandria, so The Powers That Be will probably mess with our minds again. S5 is meant to feature several locations, though, so maybe they will include Terminus, Gabriel's church, other spots on the road, and eventually Alexandria.

Do you think Rick will reunite with Morgan this season, and maybe lead the group to Alexandria?

The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres in October on AMC.