Glee Season 5 Spoiler: Is There a Christmas Episode This Year? — UPDATE
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Glee Season 5 Spoiler: Is There a Christmas Episode This Year? — UPDATE

UPDATE: Okay, we finally have a bit of clarity on how this will all work. In order to get past the problem of airing a Christmas episode with a time jump, it appear that Glee will film a new Christmas special, but have it set in the past. It will be labeled as an "unaired" Christmas special, but will actually be a new episode. Interesting twist, don't you think?

UPDATE: It looks like there was no reason to worry! Glee fans absolutely will be getting a Christmas episode this year. On October 31, Glee makeup artist Kelley Mitchell tweeted, "Ah, the age old television tradition of filming the Christmas episode while half the crew is dressed up in Halloween gear. #glee #confusing"

We're still not sure how this is going to work out with timing. Christmas in June? A time jump? But either way, we're pretty excited that we won't have to go without an annual Glee holiday special. No coal in our stockings. It looks like we have been good little Glee fans this year.

Original article: When it comes to Christmas this year, Glee’s approach to the holiday season appears to be tending dangerously towards a declaration of “bah humbug.” First, we learn that Glee will not be releasing a Christmas album this year. Now, it’s sounding like we might not get a Christmas episode, either.

TVLine initially reported that Glee’s December 5 installment would be its Season 5 Christmas episode. But the site later updated their article to point out that Glee’s current timeline doesn’t support a holiday-themed episode at all.

Glee Season 5 Spoiler: Is There a Christmas Episode This Year? — UPDATE
Credit: Adam Shankman on Twitter    

You’ll remember that Glee switched things up last year by ending Season 4 only halfway through the school year, instead of at graduation. As a result, the McKinley High prom, which previously happened in May (around Episode 19 or 20) landed at Season 5, Episode 2.

The December 5 episode will likely be Season 5, Episode 8. We highly doubt that Glee will cover seven months in only 6 episodes...unless the show decides to do some sort of a time jump. But given that Blaine and Sam are looking at colleges in Episode 6, and we’ve heard nothing of graduation so far, we’re guessing the school year might not even be over by the time Episode 8 rolls around.

So why did TVLine think we’d be getting a Christmas episode this year? Well, the site has learned that Glee put out a casting call for an “alcoholic shopping mall Santa.” And have you ever heard of a shopping mall hiring a Santa in the springtime? Because we sure haven’t. You can consider us sufficiently confused.

Of course, it’s always possible that the Santa appears in some sort of a flashback. Or Glee might be trying to find a way to creatively bend the rules and give us a holiday episode this year, anyway. Maybe it’s some sort of a Christmas in July scenario?Do you want Glee to have a holiday episode this year, or will you not really miss it? Head below to let us know your thoughts.

Source: TVLine, Kelley Mitchell on Twitter

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