What Does The Walking Dead Season 5’s “Hunt or Be Hunted” Poster Tell Us?
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What Does The Walking Dead Season 5’s “Hunt or Be Hunted” Poster Tell Us?

Well, if you wanted another hint that The Walking Dead Season 5 was going to remix The Hunters storyline from the comic books, you got one in this new poster.

AMC just revealed the cool new image above, with Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) looking intense — gun at the ready — with the tagline warning "Hunt Or Be Hunted." The two options aren't great, but this is the zombie apocalypse. The Hollywood Reporter went ahead and said right in their headline that this new key art "Teases Cannibal Story." Maybe it does, but The Powers That Be like to keep us guessing so even if cannibals are involved, we’ll have to see how they tweak the story in the books.

*Comic book spoilers*

In the comics, The Hunters are a small group of survivors who turned to cannibalism to survive. They weren’t actually that good at hunting game, finding it easier to lure and trap people. There are already some hints to that in Terminus, even though Terminus seems larger and more organized than the group in the books.

Chris was leader of The Hunters in the comics, and Gareth (Andrew J. West) kinda seems like a version of him, but with the usual TV twists. We’re meant to get a ton of answers on Terminus right in Episode 1, “No Sanctuary,” with the first few minutes telling us a lot, while giving us still more questions to ponder. Do you think we’ll see a flashback to how Terminus and its peeps (Gareth, Mary, etc.) got to where they are? Were they hunted and turned into cannibals to stop being hunted, or something? Maybe they aren’t even cannibals at this point in the storyline, but there were all of those hints — like bones and offal on the ground

There's also the idea that the group seems to get out of Terminus fairly early on (they even show that in the Comic-Con trailer) but leaving Terminus doesn't necessarily mean the Termites leave them alone. Is Rick's group hunted after they leave? Do they turn the tables and hunt the Termites, setting their own traps? And what about the hospital place with Beth Greene (Emily Kinney) — you could consider her a kidnapping victim. Was she "hunted," in a way? (How did they just know she'd be there for the taking?) Will that happen to others? It could be that the Hunt or Be Hunted line relates to a lot more than just a nod to The Hunters storyline.

The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres Sunday, October 12 at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.