The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Premiere: 10 Burning Questions — Who Killed Megan? Where’s Matt? And More!
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The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Premiere: 10 Burning Questions — Who Killed Megan? Where’s Matt? And More!

The Vampire Diaries is back and we have more questions than ever! The Season 5 premiere set the stage with new settings, storylines, and character dynamics to ponder, dissect, and speculate about. Here are our top 10 burning questions from Season 5, Episode 1 (“I Know What You Did Last Summer”).

Why does Silas want Katherine?

Silas was on a mission in the Season 5 premiere: to find Katherine. He was actually pretty bad at this considering he is a 2000-year-old immortal with psychic abilities, but whatever. The real question is: why does Silas need Katherine? Does is have something to do with her having taken the cure? Or, perhaps, her status as human doppelganger? Silas really seems to hate vampires perhaps, he is aiming to get rid of all of them by somehow using Katherine blood? Whatever he’s up to, it’s probably bad news.

Who killed Megan?

We were kind of sad to see Megan, Caroline and Elena’s vervain-drinking roomie, bite it in the very first episode but it did present some compelling questions. Chiefly, who killed Megan? (Could it have been new character Jesse, who we know was in the building when it happened?) Or, perhaps the yet-to-introduced Dr. Wes Maxfield? Whoever it was, color us intrigued.

How did Megan know Elena’s dad?

The picture of Elena’s dad with Megan really threw us for a loop. How did they know one another? We know Mr. Gilbert was all about the vampire-fighting. Did he train Megan to fight against vampires? (If so, he didn’t do a very good job.) And did Megan know who Elena was? It seems unlikely that Megan wouldn’t at least be curious about someone with the same last name, from the same town. If Megan knew who Elena was, why didn’t she say anything?

What the heck did Nadia do to Matt?

OK, we put up with a lot of torture, manipulation, and death on TVD — but we draw the line when it involves Matt Donovan! What exactly did Nadia do to Mystic Falls’ hottest, sweetest busy boy? And why did she steal Matt’s ring in the first place? Word on the street is that Matt will be playing an integral role in Season 5. As long as it doesn’t involve his untimely death.

Why is Tyler shirking Caroline’s phone calls?

Seriously, Tyler?! Klaus finally gives you a free pass and you waste it in the Appalachian mountains? We’re sure whatever he’s doing there is important, but telling your girlfriend you’re not coming to college over voicemail? The opposite of classy. We need to know the specifics of Tyler’s Tennessee antics, and we need to know them quick. What exactly is Tyler choosing over his relationship with Caroline?

Will Jeremy make any new friends?

Because right now, his best friend is a ghost. We’re not saying we want him to replace ghost BFF Bonnie or BFF mainstay Matt, but it might be nice to have someone to hang out with in math class who, you know, everyone else can see. He might not need anyone to protect him (did you see him take out those dudes in the hallway?), but he definitely needs someone to commiserate with. What’s April Young up to?

When will Bonnie ‘fess up about her death?

We understand why Bonnie wants to keep her death quiet, but it’s obviously got to happen eventually, and, in the meantime, she’s putting Jeremy in an awkward position. Also, Bonnie had the whole summer to consider the fact that her death meant that Silas’ binding spell was broken, but it never crossed her mind?! Come on, Bon. This is useful knowledge, especially for saving poor Stefan.

Will Stefan turn off his humanity?

Speaking of Stefan, his season premiere storyline was surprisingly compelling considering he spent the whole episode in a box. His hallucinations of Damon and Elena arguing whether he should turn off his humanity were so sad. Come the end of the episode, he seems set to keep his humanity switch ticked on, but will that last?

When will Stefan be saved?

Because we can’t take it anymore! Talk about kicking a vampire when he’s down. Now that Damon knows Stefan is “suffering” somewhere, we know he will do all he has to to find his baby brother (save giving Elena the heads up), but how long will that take? Because we’re not sure how much more we can take watching Stefan suffer.

Are Jeremy and Damon about to embark on the cutest bromance ever?

We’re not even sure if “bromance” is the right word to describe the quasi-parental, quasi-big brother thing Damon has going for Jeremy we just know it’s adorable. Are these two ganging up to solve Mystic Falls crime together? Because that would be awesome. Extra points if we get a scene involving Damon helping Jeremy with his Calculus homework.

What burning questions do you have after last night’s episode? Sound off in the comments below!

Catch the next episode of The Vampire Diaries on Thursday, October 10, 2013, at 8 p.m. ET on The CW, followed by the series premiere of Reign.