The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Premiere: 10 Things To Know — Death, Sex, and Silas
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The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Premiere: 10 Things To Know — Death, Sex, and Silas

The time has finally come, TVD fans! The Vampire Diaries Season 5 premieres tonight (October 3), and we have the scoop on what to expect during the episode (“I Know What You Did Last Summer”).

Elena and Caroline are off to Whitmore, where they realize that life on campus is a lot more complicated than frat parties and lunch on the quad, especially with Bonnie and Tyler currently M.I.A. Meanwhile, Damon is left with a mess on his hands back in Mystic Falls. Not only does Katherine suddenly show up at his doorstep, but he has to look after Jeremy and find out why his brother Stefan is acting so weird. As for Silas, well, he’s shaking up Mystic Falls the only way he knows how — with bloodshed.

But there’s a whole lot more than that you need to know before watching the premiere. Wetpaint Entertainment screened the episode in advance, so here are ten spoilery tidbits we can tease.

1. Delena bliss. Damon and Elena are so happy in this premiere episode, it feels like a different show! There’s a reason these two have been so oblivious to Stefan and Bonnie’s true whereabouts — and it’s called sex. After four years of agony, Delena fans are really going to enjoy this one.

2. Damon might just be the best boyfriend ever. We had our doubts when Damon and Elena finally got together. Could Damon be a good boyfriend? Sure, he’s drop dead gorgeous and he loves Elena, but we all know Damon isn’t always the most rational person. But in “I Know What You Did Last Summer,” Damon bonds with Jeremy, and makes us swoon in the process. In fact, it’s even kind of adorable to watch Damon be a big brother to Jer.

3. Three’s a crowd. Caroline and Elena think they have their giant dorm room all to themselves — until their third roommate Megan walks in, and she has a few secrets of her own. Caroline doesn’t trust the new roomie when she finds something suspicious in the mini fridge. We love neurotic Caroline. Our favorite Vampire Barbie has an epic meltdown that is adorable, yet frightening. Let’s just say mini fridge 1, Caroline 0.

4. Death. The Season 5 premiere will feature not one, but two deaths. One death will hit one of the core characters hard (we're already sobbing), while the other will spark one of the season's central mysteries. The Vampire Diaries is getting back to its murder mystery roots, and we couldn't be more excited!

5. Enter Jesse. Upperclassman Jesse eyes Caroline as he’s passing out flyers on the quad, but ice princess Caroline wants nothing to do with him. She’s still convinced Tyler is going to come back and register for fall classes. However, given Jesse’s sly attitude — and his gorgeous face — we think Caroline won’t be able to resist his charms for long. Have we mentioned how attractive he is?

6. Tyler’s call. Tyler doesn’t make an appearance in the season premiere, but he does leave Caroline an unfortunate voicemail. It leaves Caroline in tears and our emotions in shambles.

7. Stefan’s nightmares. It’s no fun being locked in a box at the bottom of a quarry. While Silas is wreaking havoc on Mystic Falls, Stefan is hallucinating of Elena. Now, we can’t tell you what he’s hallucinating about, but it’s very reminiscent of Season 3.

8. Silas is the new Klaus. Silas is so terrifying even Klaus was no match for his mind games. That being said, like Klaus, he seems to target a few Mystic Falls parents — and the results are certainly bloody.

9. Katherine on the run. Since turning into a human, Katherine has kept her whereabouts on the DL. After all, she’s managed to make a lot of enemies over the centuries. But there’s one particular person who wants Katherine all to himself, leading her to do what she does best and run.

10. Matt’s ménage à trois. What happens in Prague stays in Prague — or so Matt thought. It turns out he brought something back with his from Europe. Nadia, one of Rebekah and Matt’s Euro hook-ups, shows up in Mystic Falls hoping to return something to Matt (she had stolen it after their one night stand). But it becomes apparent that there’s way more to the story as Matt gets himself in the middle of her suspicious game.

Are you excited for the premiere, TVD fans? Sound off in the comments!

Catch the Season 5 premiere of The Vampire Diaries on Thursday, October 3, 2013, at 8 p.m. ET on The CW, followed by the series premiere of The Originals.

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