Will The Walking Dead Season 5 Premiere Be 90 Minutes? (UPDATE)
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Will The Walking Dead Season 5 Premiere Be 90 Minutes? (UPDATE)

UPDATE: By now you've probably heard that the premiere will be Sunday, October 12 at 9 p.m. ET, but AMC also announced that Talking Dead would premiere the same night at 10 p.m., right after the show. So it's still one hour. We dared to dream big but our dreams did not come true. This time.

File this one under “Probably Wishful Thinking.”

The Walking Dead Season 5 is returning in October, and we’ve heard epic things about the premiere. In fact, you may recall Ep 1 director Greg Nicotero telling AMC the first episode includes so much story and scope "we literally made an entire movie within nine days."

When we heard that, we started pushing for a super-sized premiere episode. Two hours would be great, but we were willing to haggle.

Either that wish was granted or a game of telephone started, 'cause now a rumor is spreading that Ep1 will be 90 minutes (which is more like 60-something minutes of actual footage, plus a crapload of commercials).

There’s now a forum topic on Spoil the Dead about a potential hour-and-a-half premiere. Here’s the intro: "Hey guys. I've been seeing people(two different twd fan pages) quoting Greg Nicotero apparently confirming that the first episode will be 90 minutes, and will be like a 'mini-movie'. Now I haven't found anything further than this so I figured I would post this here and find out if it is true. Mods delete if necessary. Would make sense considering there is going to be a lot of action to start the season."

It would make sense and it would not be without precedent: The very first episode of TWD, “Days Gone Bye,” was 90 minutes. Same with Season 2, Episode 1, “What Lies Ahead.” However, as fans have pointed out, the first two seasons weren’t 16-episode seasons. Season 3 and Season 4 were 16-ep seasons and the premieres were one hour. So, if that makes a difference to AMC, Season 5 may have to stick with a one-hour premiere. Plus, we have Talking Dead airing right after the premiere, so that might also force it to be one hour.

TWD has a Comic-Con panel this Friday, July 25, and in addition to a premiere date maybe they’ll give details on the first episode. A title. A run time. Whatever else, we’ll take it.

Do you hope the S5 premiere is a 90-minute episode, or would you rather they keep it to 60 minutes?

Source: Spoil the Dead

07.21.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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