The Walking Dead Is “a Grown-Up Show,” Season 5 Premiere Not Family Friendly
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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Is “a Grown-Up Show,” Season 5 Premiere Not Family Friendly

There was some debate, a couple of years ago, about The Walking Dead’s TV rating. For a while there, it was TV-14 — which is kind of like PG-13 — but it was changed to TV-MA, which is like the TV equivalent of an R-rated movie.

But there are still a lot of families that watch the show together, including potentially with younger kids, and they should probably be aware that Season 5 — especially the premiere — is meant to be so disturbing the cast can't believe some of the footage will make it to TV.

A couple of the actors, and showrunner Scott Gimple, talked to PCM at Comic-Con, adding some warnings about the dark material. “With the new season, we are going into the heart of darkness,” Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes) said. “This is a grown-up show and it should be seen as that, we are responsible with the ratings, but I think it needs to be talked about. This is a very brutal show, but there is a deep sense of heart.”

Scott Gimple added, “I am always blown away by the amount of families that watch The Walking Dead together and then are able to have discussions about what happened during certain points in the show because there is something to talk about with this show. It really freaks me out, with the first six minutes of the [Season 5] premiere, that families are going to be watching it, because it is very, very intense. And since I’ve seen it three hundred times already, I’m wondering if I’m the same person.”

However, Scott added that TWD is “one of the most humanistic shows on television.” It’s “a show that is about people trying to stay together, trying to not just stay alive but keep their humanity alive.” There’s a lot of genuine love and emotion on the show, instead of cynicism and nihilism. And, ironically, even though it may not be a family-friendly show it is a show about family, with Rick seeing his entire group as his new family.

Do you watch TWD with your family? Are you guys prepared for the intense premiere, especially the six minutes that may leave us scarred for life?

The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres Sunday, October 12 on AMC.

Source: PCM