Glee Season 5 Premiere Promo: In-Depth Analysis of Beatles Tributes
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Glee Season 5 Premiere Promo: In-Depth Analysis of Beatles Tributes

Glee’s Season 5 premiere is just hours away! The show returns on Thursday, September 26, and FOX has released a brand new promo for the episode that is chock full of teases about what we can expect this year... but you need a bit of background info to be able to decode it all.

Luckily, we here at Wetpaint Entertainment have you covered. We’ve been keeping up with all the spoilers, and that means we have plenty of inside scoop about what’s actually going on in these new scenes.

We’re breaking down the promo — second by second, frame by frame — to give you an inside look into what to expect in the two-part Beatles premiere: Season 5, Episode 1: “Love, Love, Love” and Season 5, Episode 2: “Tina in the Sky With Diamonds.” Take look at what you can expect.

00:01 — “Thursday, September 26”

You read that right. It’s been a long summer, but Glee’s Season 5 return is now only just a few weeks away. The New Directions are taking on the music of The Beatles, and that means it’s time for the guys to get all dressed up in their best 1960s suits.

Blaine (Darren Criss) stands in the front, strumming a guitar, while Sam (Chord Overstreet) and Jake (Jacob Artist) strum away behind him. It’s hard to tell who’s playing drums in the back. Normally, we’d guess it’s Finn Hudson — but after actor Cory Monteith’s sudden and shocking death last month, we know, sadly, that can’t be true.

Don’t expect much attention to be paid to Finn’s absence, however. These first two episodes were written before the actor’s passing. Finn’s death won’t be addressed until Season 5, Episode 3, and the entire hour will be dedicated as a tribute to both Cory and Finn.

Glee Season 5 Premiere Promo: In-Depth Analysis of Beatles Tributes
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00:03 — Blaine is singing... at Dalton?!

Oh. Hey there, Blaine. It’s been a while. As soon as your face popped up on screen, we realized just how much we’ve missed you over the summer. But you know what? You’re here now. You are beautiful. Your hair is perfect. And you are singing a Beatles tune flawlessly. Life is good again. (We’re even prepared to forgive you for that monstrosity of a mustard yellow blazer. Because we really did miss you that much.)

Did anyone else notice that Blaine is back at Dalton Academy? That’s right: Sebastian (Grant Gustin) and the Warblers are back. Blaine is singing “All You Need Is Love,” and we are almost entirely certain that Blaine is just minutes from proposing to Kurt (Chris Colfer).

We’ll let that sink in. Blaine is about to prose to Kurt. A Glee fan who was on set has photos of Blaine serenading Kurt at Dalton with “All You Need Is Love,” and both the Warblers and the New Directions are there to help! No photographic proof on the actual on-bended-knee proposal just yet, but we have seen photos of Chris Colfer in costume as Kurt and wearing an engagement ring. Is that proof enough for you that Kurt says yes?

00:04 — The New Directions are running through the hall.

They either look scared or excited. Honestly, we can’t really tell. But we don’t even care... because Kurt and Blaine are getting engaged and nothing else matters.

00:05 — “It’s the biggest performance in Glee history!”

Marley (Melissa Benoist) and Jake are singing now. They’re both wearing awkward silk kimono things: pink for her and blue for him. We guess this means they are probably still a couple. But once again, we don’t really care, because Kurt and Blaine are getting engaged and nothing else matters.

Glee Season 5 Premiere Promo: In-Depth Analysis of Beatles Tributes
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Guys, Rachel (Lea Michele) is back... and she’s smiling! In that first promo, all we saw was her sitting around at her apartment and looking sad and depressed. So while we know things won’t be all peachy-keen for Rachel this year — perhaps she didn’t end up getting that part of Broadway, after all? — it’s good to know that she will have some joy in her life. (Especially since we know that the death of her beloved Finn is coming as soon as Episode 3.)

Take a look, though, at the cute red uniform she’s wearing. Jane Lynch has revealed that Rachel and Santana (Naya Rivera) will work together at an NYC restaurant this season, and that one of their co-workers will be Dani, a new recurring character played by pop star Demi Lovato.

What’s more, Dani will be Santana’s new love interest and not only do the two look totally adorable together — but Demi has already confirmed that Dantana will share a kiss!

00:07 — Okay, now Will’s standing in front of the classroom.

We’re guessing he’s about to announce the theme of the episode or something. Wait for it... “The Beatles!” Sam chimes in, “The Beatles.” Now it’s Sue’s turn. “The Beatles,” she says from center stage at prom.

Glee Season 5 Premiere Promo: In-Depth Analysis of Beatles Tributes
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That’s right. Episode 2 will feature McKinley High School’s senior prom. From the looks of who’s standing behind her, we’d say that Blaine and Stoner Brett are up for Prom King, while Tina (Jenna Ushkowitz) and some blonde girl are up for Prom King. Based on photos, we know it’s not Kitty. First of all, she’s not a senior this year. Secondly, she’s wearing a different dress. And it’s not Brittany(Heather Morris), either since she’s gone off to MIT (In real life, Heather Morris is pregnant, which is the likely reason why her appearances this season will be limited at best). Oh, never mind. That neck brace is a dead giveway. It’s Celeste, the Cheerio with a thing for Ryder.

00:10 — Oh, but speaking of Kitty, she’s here to put a damper on this whole thing.

“Seriously, can anyone still even relate to the Beatles?,” she moans. Blaine sets her straight. “Pretty much the entire world.”

Also: anybody else notice that Ryder (Blake Jenner) and Unique (Alex Newell) are both sitting in the choir room? Granted, they’re sitting on opposite sides of the room. But it seems pretty clear that Ryder didn’t follow through on his threat to quit the glee club after that whole Catfish debacle in last year’s finale.

00:13 — Look! A Carnival!

We’d heard that the New Directions would be performing a Beatles song there. That’s cool. But we’re more excited about the fact that both Rachel and Santana are there at Dalton to watch Blaine propose to Kurt.

Glee Season 5 Premiere Promo: In-Depth Analysis of Beatles Tributes
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00:15 — “An epic 2 part season premiere event”

Kurt and Rachel are at Dalton. Kurt has a look of pure shock on his face, while Rachel is brimming with joy. Can’t we just watch the proposal already? This wait is killing us!

The Warblers are back. Rose petals are falling from the ceiling. A choir of girls in gorgeous blue dresses are dancing elegantly. [Oh, and hello again, choir director Dalton Rumba (Glee writer Michael Hitchcock) #RIPTheNewNormal]

00:22 — Sue’s back, and badder than ever.

“You’re a monster, Sue Sylvester!” Principal Figgins roars. Well, except he’s not Principal Figgins anymore. Welcome back to work at McKinley, Sue!

00:23 — “As Glee sings the Beatles”

“Doesn’t that freak you out?” Sue yells at Will.

Not really, Sue. But Will’s hair definitely does.

Glee’s Season 5 premiere: “Love, Love, Love” airs on Thursday, September 26 at 9 p.m. and Season 5, Episode 2: “Tina in the Sky With Diamonds” airs Thursday, October 3. See the song list for both episodes here.

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