Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Premiere Burning Questions: What Is Mona’s Plan? And More!
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Premiere Burning Questions: What Is Mona’s Plan? And More!

The Season 5 premiere of Pretty Little Liars dropped truth bomb after truth bomb, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t leave the episode with just as many questions to take the place of the old. Here are our top 10 burning questions from Season 5, Episode 1 (“EscApe From New York”).

What did Melissa tell her father? But seriously, show. Whatever truth Melissa told her father she seems to think it will be enough to bring Spencer home, and Peter seems to think it would send his wife over the edge. Did Alison kill the girl in her own grave? Or was it Melissa herself? This may just be the most important question of the season.

Is Ali lying about everything? We know, we know. When is Ali not lying? The thing is: when Shana confronted Ali in the theater about her manipulative, damaging ways, we weren’t sure who to believe. Is Alison still up to her old manipulations? Does she still spin her web, uncaring as to anyone else getting hurt as long as she sees the desired outcome? This theory seemed to be backed up by the flashback scene between Ali and Ezra, which saw the former glorifying the practice of lying and speaking about the power of a lie that you yourself believe in its telling. Yikes.

Who else is helping Alison? Ali implied that there were multiple people helping her evade “A” and the authorities. Though Spencer seemed to assume these peeps were a bunch of “random do-gooders,” we’re not so sure. Everyone is connected on this show, and we think Ali may just have a few more familiar allies.

What is Mona’s plan? Mona was rallying the anti-Ali troops in preparation for Ali’s return to Rosewood, but what is her plan exactly? Is she planning to launch her own “A”-like campaign against the former mean girl (Mona certainly has the skills and prior experience)? Or is it something more harmless? We’re not sure who to bet against in a battle between Ali and Mona.

Will Aria be scarred for life? We’ve determined long ago that these girls are going to be racking up the therapist bills well into their middle aged-dom, but we’re especially worried about Aria in light of recent events. It was bad enough when she discovered Ezra’s betrayal, but now she also killed Shana. Albeit, it was in self-defense, but this is going to do a psychological number on our girl. Maybe she and Emily can start a I Killed Someone in Self-Defense support group?

Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Premiere Burning Questions: What Is Mona’s Plan? And More!
Credit: ABC Family    

Was Shana on the “A” Team? Though the show seemed to imply that Shana was “A” Team-certified, we’re not so sure. Sure, she had access to a whole host of look-a-like “A”s, but is it possible there was another force at work in the NYC hospital that night? If Shana was on the “A” Team, where did she fall on the hierarchy? Is there a hierarchy? Basically, we just have so many questions about the “A” Team.

How will Jenna react to Shana’s death? Ali seems to think Jenna’s feelings for Shana are a lie, but can we really trust Ali? Jenna and Shana really seemed to love one another — so much so that we actually feel really bad for Jenna right about now. How will she react to Shana’s death? Will it launch her into a war with Alison? And is Jenna part of the “A” Team, too? Furthermore, why wasn’t she at Mona’s little recruitment party? Does this imply Jenna is already aligned with someone else?

Are the Fitzgeralds involved in the “A” game? We loved the inclusion of the Fitzgerald Theater in this episode, but we couldn’t help but wonder if it hinted at the Fitzgeralds playing a role in the greater picture of this series. We’ve always gotten weird, sketchy vibes from Ezra’s family, and it hasn’t escaped our notice that they could easily fund an operation like the “A” game. Given their prominence in last night’s episode, we wonder if they might not come up again soon. Is there another reason Ezra is so interested in Ali’s disappearance?

Is Paige in or is she out? The episode left Paige’s allegiance in question. We cheered when she stood up to Mona and the Ali-Haters Club — until she met Melissa at the door and decided to stay. So, here’s the question: Did Paige stay because she’s committed to the cause? Or did she stay to play a spy in this gang? We’re really hoping for the latter.

Why did CeCe kill Wilden? We get that CeCe killed Wilden in part to protect Alison, but we couldn’t have gotten a little more explanation than this? With the questions about Ali’s moral character thrown into question, and the kinds of stunts we’ve seen Ali and CeCe pull in the past, we need to know more about this murder. If only so we can start to believe that Ali isn’t the monster Shana implied that she was.

What burning questions do you have from last night’s episode? Share them in the comments below!

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