Glee Season 5 Premiere: Kurt and Blaine Get Engaged! But Should They Have?
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Glee Season 5 Premiere: Kurt and Blaine Get Engaged! But Should They Have?

If we hadn't seen it for ourselves with our own blurry, tear-filled eyes, we'd never believe it. But it's true — Blaine (Darren Criss) proposed to Kurt (Chris Colfer) during Glee’s Season 5 premiere... and he said Yes! We couldn't be happier — well, maybe if we were marrying Blaine (sigh). But is the proposal really the right direction for these characters to take?

Blaine came this close to proposing to Kurt at the end of Season 4, but in lucky news for all you Klainers out there, he finally pops the question with “All You Need is Love” in Season 5, Episode 1: “Love, Love, Love.” Now, after the couple spent Season 4 apart, which delighted exactly zero viewers c’mon, no one actually liked Adam, right? Blaine has finally decided to put a ring on it.

So is the proposal a good thing? Well, we can see why an engagement for a couple in which one of the people is still in high school may raise some eyebrows. However, we’re all for Klaine getting engaged right now. In fact, we’re fine if they want to have a lengthy engagement and not rush the actual ceremony, but we definitely love knowing that they’re both in this for good.

And while they are young, Kurt and Blaine have already weathered lots of ups and downs, so they’re better prepared for what’s ahead. Plus, the engagement isn’t requiring either of them to compromise any of their life goals. The moral of the story is that Kurt and Blaine are just better together, and they have the kind of relationship we all dream of. (Or maybe we just dream about those blazers they used to wear.)

Long story short: If we wanted to see people playing things safe and not living on impulse, well… that’s what real life is for. But Glee is all about embracing love and taking chances, so we definitely approve of Kurt and Blaine getting engaged. Plus, a perk for Kurt and Blaine in getting married is that married couples presumably get unlimited use of each other’s hair products.

09.26.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Ryan Gajewski
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