The Walking Dead Season 5: Andrew Lincoln Still Has Questions About Episode 2
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The Walking Dead Season 5: Andrew Lincoln Still Has Questions About Episode 2

There’s been a lot of talk about The Walking Dead Season 5 premiere, but not a lot about what happens afterward. We know the Sunday, October 12 episode will start with the most intense six minutes ever, include a huge amount of scope and story in the hour, and end with a very special surprise after the credits. But what about the Sunday, October 19, Episode 2?

Turns out, Ep 2 was written by Robert Kirkman himself, and when the comic book writer/executive producer interviewed Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes) at Comic-Con, Andy brought up how Robert never quite answered his questions on the script. The conversation started when RK prompted Andy to talk about how much better the Episode 2 script was than the premiere script. Andy went along with it, then called out his boss for his evasion tactics.

Andrew Lincoln: "You still haven't answered the three questions I asked you about your script.”

Robert Kirkman: "We really don't need to talk about this at the moment."

Andy: "Let's talk about that for a moment."

Robert: "Yeah, Andrew comes up to me on set, he says 'I really want to sit down with you, I've got a couple of questions.'"

Andrew: "There were three lines in the script..."

Robert: "And I was like 'That's awesome, I'll get back to you.' And then I dodged him."

Andy: "And this is when you're getting back to me, publicly, right now."

Robert: "Yeah, but it went well."

Andy: "We shot it already."

Robert: "It went well, didn't it?"

Andy: "Yeah, it went really well."

Robert: "Ladies and gentlemen, that is how you deal with actors: Avoid, avoid, avoid."


Season 5 filming started in early May, and they are currently shooting Episode 8, so Episode 2 was probably still being done back in May. After that episode airs, maybe Andy will explain which three lines he had questions about. But apparently he went ahead and said them, or was OK with however they turned out, since RK successfully avoided having to discuss them. A pro at work!

The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres Sunday, October 12 at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

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