The Vampire Diaries Season 5: 5 Reasons Caroline Needs to Go to New Orleans
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The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries Season 5: 5 Reasons Caroline Needs to Go to New Orleans

We know that The Originals needs some time on its own as a television series before it blurs with its source material, The Vampire Diaries, but we can’t help wishing with all of our Klaroline-shipping hearts for a teeny tiny little crossover in the form of Caroline Forbes (Candice Accola) visiting/moving (we’re not too picky about the particulars) to New Orleans. Here are five reasons why we think Caroline needs to go to the Big Easy.

It’s time for Caroline to move on!

We know Caroline wants a fresh start, and we’re afraid that she might not get it at Whitmore College/Mystic Falls where she is still surrounded by the comfort bubble of her best friends and family. You know what would be a new and exciting experience? New Orleans! Word on the street is it’s full of culture. Who needs history class when you can just read Elijah’s diaries or, better yet, have the Mikaelsons re-enact the last few centuries for you!

She needs a break from Forwood.

And don’t even get us started on Tyler! Sure, he came back for Bonnie’s funeral, but unless he has a seriously amazing explanation that we have not yet considered for not dropping Car a line over the last few months, then we think he and Caroline should spend some time apart. Or, more accurately, we think Caroline should spend some time away from Tyler. Because not communicating is not cool, Ty. That’s Relationships 101. Oh wait, you haven’t enrolled in any classes yet, have you?

Klaus needs all the help he can get.

The Vampire Diaries Season 5: 5 Reasons Caroline Needs to Go to New Orleans
Credit: Bob Mahoney/The CW © 2013 The CW Network, LLC    

Seriously! We’re talking emotionally and and tactically because, although it may seem like everything is somewhat under control right now, we’re just waiting for this precarious plan Klaus (Joseph Morgan) has built for himself to topple, causing the oversensitive vamp to fall down and hurt himself. Right now, Klaus isn’t letting anyone help him, and that is definitely going to backfire. If Caroline comes to visit/stay, Klaus might be willing to let her in, to let her focus him on what is most important. And Caroline is nothing if not a master schemer!

To help Bonnie!

It may seem like Bonnie is dead dead what with the memorial service and everything, but as far as we’re concerned, no one is dead dead until they’ve been removed from the main cast. Which means, there’s still hope Bonnie could return from the dead. You know what New Orleans has? A whole bunch of witches! If TVD feels the need for a non-Klaus motivation for Caroline going to New Orleans (though, secretly, we’ll all know Caroline’s motivation will be at least 50 percent Klaus-related), then trying to save her bestie from “The Other Side” could be a good one. While she’s there, maybe Caroline can ask for a solution to Matt’s possession predicament, too. Homeboy needs a witch.

That phone call...

You know the one we’re talking about, the one from The Originals’ backdoor pilot when Klaus calls Caroline from New Orleans and says this: “I’m standing in one of my favorite places in the world surrounded by food, music, art, culture and all I can think about is how much I want to show it to you. Maybe one day you’ll let me…” And then he smiles, and all is right with the world. We think this reason speaks for itself. Make it happen, TVD Powers That Be!

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