RHoNJ Season 5 Reunion: Melissa Gorga Cries for Teresa and Joe (VIDEO)
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Real Housewives of New Jersey

RHoNJ Season 5 Reunion: Melissa Gorga Cries for Teresa and Joe (VIDEO)

A sneak peek at the Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 5 Reunion Show, Part 2 has surfaced and brace yourselves Melissa Gorga sheds tears over the possibility of jail time for Teresa and Joe Giudice. Watch out for the $549 dress you designed, Mel!

The scene starts with Andy Cohen asking Joe Gorga whether he’s worried about his sister possibly having to wear the orange jumpsuit (thankfully, orange is the new black).

“Of course I’m worried,” he said.

That’s when Melissa’s (faux?) waterworks begin. Andy can’t help but notice her clutching her pearls, so he redirects the convo to Melissa.

“I’m sad for them,” she said tearfully. “I’m sad for the little girls.”

Joe (Giudice) seems to get emotional, too, perhaps because he thought they could get 100 years in prison.

The emotional reactions are in contrast to Teresa, who many criticize for not shedding tears over the serious situation.

As Teresa said to Andy, “People knock me down for being strong.”

“Of course it bothers me,” she went on to say. “I’m human.”

It’s a surprisingly touching scene for a reunion show, which are usually when these folks take the opportunity to get in the lowest of low blows.

What do you think of Melissa’s tears are they fake or real?

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